BASKETBALL MARATHON: Philippines eyeing to break Guinness record

It is s only fitting that a country, known for its basketball fanaticism, will attempt to own the world record for the longest basketball game played. The Philippines is eyeing to break the Guinness record of 112 hours and 13 seconds of nonstop hoops currently held by the US.

And officials behind the 2014 Basketball Marathon are optimistic that the Filipinos will be able set the mark.

Twenty-four players, who are already undergoing immense training on a daily basis and conditioning at the PhilSports Arena while also taking nutritional diet as part of their preparations, comprise the two teams going for the record starting on March 24 at the Meralco Gym.The participants were selected after two try-outs, extensive physical tests and a two-day panel interview.

They are taking a scientific approach into it. The Americans they didn’t have raining when they broke the previous record and their average age is like 41-years-old and they have two 70-years-old players. But we have an average age of 26-years-old and they are training on a daily basis.

The participants hope to eclipse the mark by March 28. The game will be played under Fiba rules with the Samahang Basektbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) providing the referees, table officials and statisticians among others. “It’s like a game. Well actually, it’s really a game,” said Ruby.

But with a twist. No timeouts, no halftime break and fouls of each players will go back to zero every two hours.

The record had been broken on a yearly basis and the target now for the Philippines is to set it at 120 hours after the US took the record away from Hungry, which held the mark two years ago at 110 hours. The country will also attempt to top the record for most points scored by each team. The final score of the record-breaking feat by the Americans was 11,806-11,620.

As precautionary measures, doctors and three ambulances will be on standby during the event. In partnership with the Gawad Kalinga, proceeds raised during the event will be used to build more than 20 houses and a basketball court in the “Yolanda”-stricken Visayas region.


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