Mornings are usually perceived as fresh beginnings. At the dawn of each new day, one is filled with enthusiasm and optimism for better things to come. Italianni’s has come up with great things to start your day right as it launches new dishes to add to its extensive breakfast menu made up of some 40 international, gourmet and Filipino fare. Served daily from 7:00 to 10:30am in Italianni’s Bonifacio High Street and Greenbelt 2 branches,  there’s also free coffee for every entrée, all the more to perk up your day.

Puff Pastries and Omelettes—good morning, gourmet!

What can be a better start to your morning than waking up to the smell of good food? New on the Italianni’s menu are breakfast items especially crafted by Bistro’s award-winning corporate chef Josh Boutwood which includes a roster of delicate and delectable Puff Pastry, scrumptious omelettes and other items that can make your day before it has even started.

Chicken Caesar Puff Pastry
Chicken Caesar Puff Pastry

The light crust complements the satisfying filling, making Italianni’s Puff Pastries few of the perfect reasons to look forward to eating breakfast every day. Mouth-watering stuffing choices include Prosciutto and Dill Potatoes (where the puff pastry basket is filled with a poached egg, topped with dill potatoes, cherry tomatoes and premium prosciutto ham) and Pancetta and Sundried Tomatoes (here, the puff pastry basket is filled with a poached egg then  topped with sundried tomato and pancetta hollandaise) that can brighten your day on the spot. And if your are partial to chicken, go for the Chicken Caesar (as the puff pastry basket is filled with a poached egg, topped with fresh cut romaine lettuce, grilled chicken and parmesan cheese), which is guaranteed to start your morning on a savory note.

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Puff Pastry
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Puff Pastry

Aside from being little powerhouses of protein, fat, nutrients and flavor, eggs are also moist and fluffy sources of surprises and omelettes are sure to be breakfast staples. Italianni’s has gathered your favorite stuffing—choice meat, diced vegetables, some cheese—and made it all ready to shape your morning mood.

Choose from the selections including Shitake Mushroom and Bacon (Applewood smoked bacon with shiitake mushrooms and mozzarella cheese) and Black Seafood (flavorful combination of cream dory & fresh calamari mixed with bell peppers, wrapped in a squid ink omelette)

The Avocado Pestoomelette

The Avocado Pestoomelette, fresh avocado and spinach mixed with shitake mushrooms, and kesong puti wrapped in pesto omelette, is a great grab for vegetarians. But meat lovers would, of course, opt for all-in special Italianni’s Sausage & Chorizo—a hearty mix of Bolognaise, Italian sausage and chorizo with cheddar & Parmesan, wrapped in a mustard omelette—and realize that this is by far one of the best morning decisions one can ever make.

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