Easy Shop

EasyShop.ph’s pre-launch event called the “Sellers’ Night” drew a huge crowd Saturday evening as online sellers, bloggers and others in the web community joined the company’s officials and partners to celebrate the newest online marketplace based in the country at the Green Lounge Events Place at the BTTC Center in San Juan City, Philippines.

Nelson Liao – EasyShop.PH President and CEO

Nelson Liao, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of EasyShop Online Inc;Sam Gavino, web development head; and Jerry Pereda, marketing chief were present during the festivities and took turns in convincing the audience why EasyShop is the next big thing in the online buy-and-sell marketplace.

Also present were online bloggers numbering around a dozen, roughly 20-25 online plus other guests including supporters and partners of the fledgling company.

“The data as of May 16th is that we have 2,000 registered users in our website and around 5,000 products already posted,” proudly shared Liao during a roundtable with the bloggers.

The figures look promising indeed as the website’s official launch is still on June 15, 2014 but more importantly, Liao emphasized on the security of the site—using the phrase “scam-free” multiple times during interviews.

For Easy Registration – go to http://www.easyshop.ph and just key in your username, password, email and mobile number and you’re done!

Easyshop.ph   Welcome to Easyshop.ph

Easy Product Posting – Select a category, post your items, select a shipping courier and you’re done!

Sell Product   Easyshop.ph

Easy Selling – EasyShop.PH informs you if you have product purchases and if payments have already been made, all you need to do now is ship the items.

Easy Payment Receipt – Register your bank account via EasyShop.PH and product purchase payments will be deposited directly to your account – however, payments will only be deposited when delivered items are already in the hands of the buyer/s (allow 15 days for the whole verification process).

Easy and Worry-Free Shopping – Buyers can easily view items and browse through categories.  Pay directly at EasyShop.PH and payments are put on hold until the item is received by the buyer and has been verified to be of good standing.  Refunds can be made if item is not delivered or have been found defective.

Clothing Accessories   Easyshop.ph

Easy Payment – Secured payment can be made through DRAGONPAY, PAYPAL, Bank Transfer (BDO, BPI and Metrobank) and even Bayad Centers. Other payment methods will be available soon.

Payment security ensured, scam-free transactions, no meet-ups required!  Now that’s what I call Easy Shopping!

Aside from ease of shopping and selling, EasyShop.PH also has the lowest service fees compared to other secured online selling sites at only 3% – but as an opening treat to all sellers, Mr. Liao announced that the fees are waived until November 1, 2014.

EasyShop.PH will also be available in both iOS and Android gadgets soon.  SKK, CKK, BS Mobile Android gadgets have pre-installed EasyShop.PH app that users can already use.

EasyShop.PH is now already open for registration and the site running at beta – the official launch is scheduled on June 15, 2014!



Among the partners for the pre-launch event are SKK Mobile, Mogao BS Mobile, Michaela, CCK Mobile, Yousie and Epson.  EasyShop.ph has a partnership with Nelsoft Technology, Inc. and PoziHongkong Technology Ltd.—two reliable software development entities that handles the website.


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