Village Tavern offers 18 New Dishes

From small plates, pizza, pasta, steaks, desserts and other scrumptious dishes in between, there’s something that awaits guests with varying tastes at Village Tavern. 18 new  dishes, created by  talented chefs  (Village Tavern International’s Corporate Chef, US-based Grace Viado, Bistro Group’s Corporate Chef Josh Boutwood and new Bistro R & D chef Jason Stacy),  now grace the restaurant’s menu.   With three culinary stalwarts sharing their expertise to plump up Village Tavern’s food offerings, the results are exceptional. Continue reading “Village Tavern offers 18 New Dishes”


Becca Godinez Talks About Flipzoid

The Lovely Ms Becca Godinez

How would you react if you were called a Flip?

I wanted to ask  Godinez recently  meeting her for a blog conference “Flipzoids,” Ralph B. Peña’s play set in 1985 on the immigrant experience and its various aspects—isolation, connection and assimilation. Continue reading “Becca Godinez Talks About Flipzoid”



Set on a beach in Southern California, “Flipzoids” is a funny and highly moving story about three Filipino immigrants in America navigating through the shifting landscape of home, desire, loneliness and belonging. The play examines what it means to be an outsider, to be Filipino and/or American, to be a hybrid. Continue reading “Flipzoids”


How To Make The Most Out Of Your Weekends

Life can get pretty hectic during the week, which is why people absolutely adore the weekend. It’s the perfect 48-hour break when everyone can relax, reset, and refresh themselves. However, being constantly connected through our mobile devices means we sometimes lose track of time and end up doing more work on our precious days off. Here are some tips to get your weekends back and enjoy them to the fullest. Continue reading “How To Make The Most Out Of Your Weekends”


Here Comes The Bride, Smile Shining Bright


Displaying Couple.jpg

Weddings are all about perfection—and everybody knows that to be perfect entails a lot of work. This is especially true for soon to be brides who need to be the ultimate picture of perfection on their big day. Continue reading “Here Comes The Bride, Smile Shining Bright”


Get Your 8 Glasses of Water with Summit Natural Drinking Water

Aside from exercising and eating healthy food, one of the best ways to take care of our health is by drinking eight glasses of water a day. Not only does it keep your body hydrated, you also enjoy the many health benefits that come from drinking water . With its many benefits like flushing out toxins, aiding digestion and elimination, and keeping us hydrated 24/7, it’s important to drink the right amount of water everyday. Continue reading “Get Your 8 Glasses of Water with Summit Natural Drinking Water”


Celebrating Iced Tea Month

In celebration of Iced Tea Month, we trace the glorious history of our beloved drink. Iced tea, despite the folklore, was not discovered by accident. It can be dated back to the 18th century in South Carolina, the only place in the United States at that time to produce tea plants. The first iced tea ever made was called Ice Tea Punches because they were heavily spiked with alcohol and were made with green tea leaves, not black. Continue reading “Celebrating Iced Tea Month”