Pre-Anniversary Deals at Century Park Hotel


Century Park Hotel is one of the premier business hotels in Manila with landmarks such as the SM Mall of Asia, the Philippine International Convention Center, Cultural Center of the Philippines, SMX (a world class venue for exhibitions and conventions), World Trade Center, and Harrison Plaza Shopping Center. Break-seekers walk down steps to the hand-carved mahogany bar and stunning stained-glass windows, and artifacts culled from the historical St. James Gate Brewery-Cellar bar bathes customers in the essence of Ireland like a tub full of lucky charms. Lavish in a classic Superior Room, that boasts gold and white interiors and a complete set of amenities. After a night of infinite moonwalking and jumping jacks, enjoy a hearty buffet breakfast at Café In the Park and cater to that gastronomic craving. The menu blends American bar favorites with Irish specialties, but you may also order from the neighboring restaurants, Century Tsukiji or Top of the Century. Continue reading “Pre-Anniversary Deals at Century Park Hotel”

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Ramen At Its Finest

Ramen  although it wasn’t called that, then — first appeared in Japan in 1910, when Chinese cooks at Tokyo’s Rairaiken restaurant created a signature dish comprising broth and Chinese noodles, which were yellower and more elastic than Japanese noodles because — then as now — their dough was kneaded with kansui, a sodium-carbonate-infused alkaline mineral water.

This wildly popular dish was not called ramen but rather shina soba: Shina is a phonetic rendering of the word “China.” Soba are buckwheat noodles, although the Chinese noodles used in shina soba were wheat-based. Over the next few years, restaurants all over Japan started serving regional versions of shina soba, using local ingredients. Continue reading “Ramen At Its Finest”


9 out of 10 Filipinos Plagued With Cavities

Filipinos, regardless of age or socio-economic status, have all suffered from a cavity. Figures released by the Department of Health revealed that nine out of ten Filipinos suffer from cavities or tooth decay.[2] Your child could be one of them.

Tooth decay or cavities is the top chronic health concern for children all over the world[3], which, when left untreated, can compromise a child’s eating and sleeping habits, as well as affect their self-confidence. A child suffering from severe cavities may experience difficulty in concentrating on school work, speaking, and even sleeping. Gerlie, a mother of two, shares, “I wasn’t aware that my child was suffering from cavities until one day he cried because of his very painful toothache. He couldn’t move and wasn’t able to do much else until the pain  went away. He didn’t even have the appetite to eat or the energy to go to school.”  These result in increasingly escalating detrimental effects on health, school and work performance, and even self-esteem. Aside from compromising a child’s eating habits, severe decay in baby teeth can have serious consequences for a child’s speech and jaw development. Continue reading “9 out of 10 Filipinos Plagued With Cavities”


AIR21 launches the first complete Online Platform



ONLINE shopping is a trend nowadays. And the market is growing that boosts the e-commerce industry in the country. Processes have improved the browsing experience, and provided consumers greater transparency when it comes to exciting deals and discounts. I have an online store and I can’t tell you how stressed I am when the shipping company that I use in unreliable. I’ve always felt that i was at their mercy because there’s no choice. I say the buck stops here I will not pay for crappy service and nor will I be subject to unreliable pick ups.

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All About Kids Bazaar



This August 9, Working Mom magazine is bringing moms and kids a fun and magical shopping experience like no other as it launches the All About Kids bazaar at the Rockwell Tent. All About Kids bazaar will offer that perfect dose of family fun, with big, big discounts to boot. Apart from games and demos for all kids to enjoy with their families, parents can dig into all their favorite kiddie brands as they go on sale.

Apart from all these, the All About Kids bazaar, which will be hosted by Jackie Lou Blanco, will have an arts and crafts booth, magic shows, bubble tricks, balloon twisters, and other amazing performances. Even a mom and kid pampering booth will be set up to give moms on the go that perfect chance to slow down with their loved ones. Apart from all these, kids will get the unique chance of meeting two of their favorite cartoon characters, SpongebobSquarepants and Patrick Star!

This year’s All About Kids bazaar will also be where Working Mom will hold an online photo promo. To join, simply visit and like Working Mom’s official Facebook page (, take a photo during the event, and tag Working Mom with the hashtags #workingmommag and #allaboutkids. Special gifts will be given to selected photos.

All this and more will be happening on August 9 at the Rockwell Tent from 11:00am to 7:00pm. To enter, each family must simply present a copy of Working Mom’s latest August issue, which is available at leading bookstores and magazine stands nationwide.


How to Go Kraaazy in Garlikland

A quick and convenient getaway is what most of us fantasize about after a long day at work. Probably somewhere cozy with a great view and enough space so we can hang out with our friends and talk about something else besides our deadlines. The con with the city is that we can’t really find a place anymore that’s near, fun, and isn’t as crowded as the MRT. The pros though include the fact that Krazy Garlik has decided to give us a bigger version of Garlikland and letting us be Alice from now until forever. Continue reading “How to Go Kraaazy in Garlikland”




Bea Valera (born on December 12, 1991) better known as “BV” is an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) recording artist and songwriter born and raised in the Philippines. As a child, she started doing theatre in and eventually made her way to UP Diliman to study theatre arts. With a true passion for music, she decided to try her luck and focus full time on her work. Continue reading “GET TO KNOW BEA VALERA”