Gourmet Sandwiches in Cafe France

The CafeFrance name is more in line with our concept of a place where people can meet and enjoy good, healthy food and freshly baked French breads in a comfortable and relaxed environment. The name also provides more flexibility in serving a wider range of dishes.

Their bestsellers are our breads and pasta. They  have also received high commendations on our freshly-brewed coffee from real coffee drinkers. They have a full year of new recipes and offerings prepared for our customers.xoxo

By providing quality and healthy products, a pleasant and relaxing environment, and excellent service, we see CafeFrance as one of the trusted brands in the food service industry in the next five to ten years. They envision CafeFrance to have expanded to other locations in the country and in key cities in Asia.

They would like to re-define the way people see cafes as solely a meeting place over a cup of coffee. But instead, they would like to go further by providing not only a destination for them, but an actual venue where they can share views and spend time over good food at any time of day.

4-pizza margarita-055 6-3 cheese elote-082 7-marble potato tuna salad-097 15-bacon wrapped salmon-304 26-sous vide porkchop-449 Crispy Shrimp Farmer's Ham, Brie, and Raspberry French Dip Roast Beef Hickory Chicken Mandarin BBQ Beef No Meat Oriental Baked Chicken

With this in mind their latest offerings include Mandarin BBQ Beef, Rib Eye Steak, Crispy Shrimp, Hickory Chicken, Oriental Baked Chicken, No Meat plus the Farmer’s Ham, Brie, and Raspberry.  All varieties came with crispy potato chips as a siding.

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