Enervon Prime Your Next Big Journey

Are you having these symptoms: difficulty in climbing stairs, unable to carry heavy load or your hand grip loosened already?These are some of the symptoms of Sarcopenia, the gradual and progressive loss of muscle mass, strength, and functionality due to aging that Filipinos over 50 years old are suffering from.

“Maintaining health as we age is an important concern for all adults. In healthy young adults, 30 percent of body weight is muscle, and 20 percent is adipose tissue or fat. As early as the age of 40, and by the age of 60, our body would have lost 20 percent of its total muscle mass. By age 75, our body would have only 15 percent muscle and adipose tissue or fat is 40 percent, which can hinder adults from doing daily tasks,” said Dr. Cheridine Oro-Josef, chair of the Geriatrics Committee of the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP).

Diplomate and Fellow of the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP) and the Philippine College of Geriatric Medicine, Dr. Cheridine Oro Josef discussing the condition known as Sarcopenia, which is the gradual and progressive loss of muscle mass, strength and functionality due to aging.

High nutritional intake of protein and vitamin D, together with regular resistance exercise, may help reduce the risk of Sarcopenia and improve muscle health so adults can continue doing the activities that they enjoy such as dancing, playing sports, traveling, pursuing a new interest, or completing their bucket lists.

Being able to enjoy these activities is important to seniors, as studies show that they want to stay productive so they can make life meaningful for them as they age.

Seeing this need of the seniors, Enveron Prime, the nutritionally balanced milk supplement with high quality protein and vitamin D for 50 years old and above, is launching a Senior’s Prom Series and a Seniors Productivity Fair to help adults develop an active and productive lifestyle so they can improve their muscle health.

50s flashback Logo

The Seniors Prom is a series of decade-themed prom nights one Friday every month starting October until January 2015. Guests “go back in time” to sing and dance to their favorite songs from the ‘50s to the ‘80s.  This will kick off with the Prime Time Seniors Prom: 50’s Flashback on October 24, 2014 at the RJ Bistro in Dusit Hotel, Makati.

Ticket prices are at Php 1,000 per person inclusive of entrance to the party, dinner, and participation in fun games and activities plus gift packs from Enervon Prime. Tickets are available at RJ Bistro and RJ Guitar Stores.

The Seniors Productivity Fair, which will happen in December, is a one-day event that brings together all fun and exciting productive activities that adults can engage in like arts and crafts, fitness, travel, education, fashion, and volunteerism. Here, they can enroll in 1-3 month-long workshops for the said activities and learn more about sarcopenia and how they can manage it.

50s Flashback Senior Prom Poster

“We at Enervon Prime are excited to be part of the next chapter of our consumers’ lives. We understand the physical, mental and emotional effects and limitations that may come when you hit 50 and more so after retirement. But we also know that this is their ‘prime time’ to pursue their passions and fulfill their bucket lists as they reap the fruits of their labor and enjoy the rest of their lives.  We believe that through proper nutrition, we can help our consumers stay stronger for longer and equip them with the strength to do what’s next,“ said Raine Romero-Calma, assistant product manager.

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