Lets Meat Up in Kitchen 1B

Displaying Let's Meat Up.pngIn Apartment 1B’s early years, it was one of those restaurants everyone talked about that had a steadfast reputation. A tiny location in the business district, and simple but well-executed food added to its charm. There were even days when we would go there at least twice a month, in love with how the place was so inviting and unpretentious. Kitchen 1B is supposed to be a “wholesome alternative”—the organic, health-conscious sister to Apartment 1B. We are all for superfoods, for the organic movement, for sustainable and responsible eating.

KITCHEN 1B is a wholesome and healthy restaurant by Marivic Diaz-Lim of Apartment 1B fame. After surviving breast cancer, she is on a mission to promote a healthier lifestyle for foodies.

The food at Kitchen 1B are composed of power ingredients, crucifirous vegetables, organic eggs & oats, free range chicken, and grass-fed beef.  Check out the menu introduction letter from Marivic below:


It’s the habit that Meat & Livestock Australia’s Country Manager to the Philippines and Vietnam, Mr. Peter Paul Perez wants to revolutionize when he launched the consumer-based program Let’s Meat Up.


To do this, MLA teamed up with Filipino food proponent & entrepreneur, culinary teacher and the creative force behind the blog Skip to Malou, Ms. Malou Perez-Nievera on developing recipes of Aussie beef and lamb that are healthy, delicious and easy to do.


Perez opened the workshop by sharing the best practices on how to properly handle meat from shopping in the grocery to cooking preparation. “Beef and lamb meat can be intimidating in terms of cooking and preparation..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe engaged the crowd by sharing five (5) of her original recipes including Mango Tango Australian Beef Tenderloin, Australian Beef Sirloin with Hoisin and Fish Sauce Reduction, Australian Beef Wrapped Shrimp on Chili Gravy, Sesame Meatballs, and Breakfast Tapa Burrito to show that there’s nothing daunting when it comes to cooking True Aussie Beef.

For starters we had appetizers from Kitchen 1B



Through Let’s Meat Up we are able to provide practical tips and tricks to moms and share simple recipes that can be used in preparing sumptuous Aussie beef and lamb dishes”.

Australian Beef Sirloin with Hoisin and Fish Sauce

This was my favorite it was definitely starting off things in A Big Bang. It was so good and I told myself I know that If I die this will be my last meal.

Mango Tango Australian Beef Tenderloin

This is her interpretation of a Sisig this I didn’t like so much. I think they overcooked the meat but I liked the salsa that came with the dish.

Sesame Meat Balls with Sweet and Sour Sauce.

This dish is so hearty and reminds me off my Aunt Jean’s specialty.This dish is versatile you can make 96 for lunch, but it’s easy to do at home, too. It includes healthy animal fats from the  beef. The meatballs are moist and flavorful and are well-complemented by the sauce.

Australian Beef Wrapped Shrimp on Chili Gravy
Australian Beef Wrapped Shrimp on Chili Gravy

This is a nice take on Surf and Turf ,This dish is one of pure decadence, and combines the finest ingredients with the finest cooking techniques to make a dish packed with fantastic flavours. Despite being a restaurant quality dish, this could be made by any amateur home chef, and is perfect to impress friends at your next dinner party. All the elements of this dish work together perfectly, and what you end up with is a dish that is perfectly balanced and utterly delicious.

Lamb Chops

This was quick and easy to cook, lamb chops have tender, juicy meat that is best served slightly pink. This sauce alone is worth repeating and using as a companion to almost any protein. I almost wished my dad was with me as he would have love that this dish. He was on vacation and I am really wishing he can taste something like this in Australia.

MLA hopes to promote high-quality beef and lamb meats from Australia and its health benefits. With Malou Nievera’s easy recipes, busy working moms or even stay-at-home moms can serve their kids and husbands with great tasting meals any time.

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