Lock&Lock Brings Healthy Living into the Kitchen


Technological advances have made food preparation a breeze. Our kitchens are filled with products that make food preparation and storage much easier and more convenient—but not necessarily healthier.

Recognizing that healthy living cannot be sacrificed in the name of convenience, Lock & Lock is using the wonders of science and technology to promote a healthy lifestyle while still allowing people to enjoy every day conveniences in their kitchens. Continue reading “Lock&Lock Brings Healthy Living into the Kitchen”


Duty Free Shopping is more fun in the Philippines

A new Duty Free Fiesta Mall awaits our balikbayans as the travel retail store undergoes its grandest renovation yet.

For the past six months, the Fiesta Mall underwent an unbelievable renovation under the leadership of French interior designer Philippe Larose. Duty Free Philippines Chief Operating Officer Lorenzo “Enchong” Formoso III says this is part of their goal to make the Fiesta Mall “at par with other global retail stores around the world, but still with a Filipino touch.” Continue reading “Duty Free Shopping is more fun in the Philippines”


Cord blood, a new hope for Leukemia

 A video of a mother from Quebec fighting against leukemia recently went viral in YouTube. Her desperate plea – to find a compatible umbilical cord donor, the only hope for her second battle against leukemia.

Mai Duong, a 34-year-old Vietnamese-Canadian mother is among the many patients diagnosed of cancer every four minutes. Leukemia – cancer of the body’s tissues that are responsible for forming blood including bone marrow and lymphatic system is among the top eight common cancers in the Philippines. Continue reading “Cord blood, a new hope for Leukemia”


​Jolly Cow: Official Milk Sponsor for 2nd Philippine National Barista Challenge


Coffee will not be complete without milk. The creamier, the better. And did you know that quality milk should provide enough sweetness for really good coffee?

Jolly Cow has been one of the well-loved milk brands of coffee baristas in the country for its high quality, distinctly creamy taste. Allegro Beverage Corporation, organizer of the 2ndPhilippine National Barista Challenge, has chosen Jolly Cow to be its Official Milk brand.   Continue reading “​Jolly Cow: Official Milk Sponsor for 2nd Philippine National Barista Challenge”


PMAP to honor outstanding media practitioners with Makatao Awards 


Philippine Daily Inquirer


Mass Media touches virtually every aspect of our daily lives. It plays a significant role in shaping public perceptions on a variety of important issues, both through the information that is dispensed through them, and through the interpretations they place upon this information. When journalists or talk show hosts are insightful and judicious in their reporting, citizens can play a more informed role in the many issues and debates that shapes their communities. Continue reading “PMAP to honor outstanding media practitioners with Makatao Awards “