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Vitamin C is an important component for the good health of gums, bones, teeth and tendons. Mega C 100 by Bettaway supports the immune systems and protects your cells against damage.This product contains no artificial colourants, flavourants, and preservatives. It is free of gluten, yeast, lactose, and caffeine. It is also suitable for diabetics and vegetarians.

Vitamins are organic compounds which are needed in small quantities to sustain life. We get vitamins from food, because the human body either does not produce enough of them, or none at all.

An organic compound contains carbon. When an organism (living thing) cannot produce enough of an organic chemical compound that it needs in tiny amounts, and has to get it from food, it is called a vitamin.

Sometimes the compound is a vitamin for a human but not for some other animals. For example, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a vitamin for humans but not for dogs, because dogs can produce (synthesize) enough for their own needs, while humans cannot.

So, what is Mega C?

Mega C is 100% alkaline vitamins C in sodium ascorbate form. It is non-acidic in veggie capsule which is readily absorbed by the body with pH level of 7.5 to 7.8. Mega C is safe to take even on an empty stomach.

What are the benefits of Mega C?
– It helps strengthens the immune system
– Maintains healthy gums
– Helps prevent eye diseases
– Promotes better digestion
– Smoothens the skin

Mega C is a product of Mega C Health Ventures Incorporated. They are direct selling marketing company engaged in the distribution and retailing of the proven safe and effective Mega C. They are in the business since 2009 as it continuously proves its competency in the market today. It is a Filipino brand who has a benchmark on high quality at a budget friendly price of P5.00 per capsule. Mega C’s inspiration are the hard working Filipinos who deserved to enjoy a healthy life despite of their busy routines and schedules.

To learn more about the Mega C and the company, you may visit their website at http://www.mega-c.com. Like their Facebook page at Mega C Vitamin C, follow them in Instagram at megacvitaminc and on Twitter at @MegaCVitaminC. Thanks to Sol Razo for telling me all about this great product.

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