The Aftermath of Yolanda

In the year since Typhoon Yolanda first hit Visayas, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has released a total of P52 billion to support government relief and rehabilitation efforts in affected provinces so the question is what happened to the money?

Reminds me how the government screwed up the preparation, rescue and relief operations. Reminds me too of how the leaders put priority on politics before the interest of the disaster victims. This is where Roxas failed big time. Reminds me also how incompetent the NDRRMC is, with a somber president literally trying to put a cap on the casualty figures. Reminds me also on how the world community rushed to help the Philippines. Lets hope that the government will not also screw up the rehabilitation of the affected areas.

More than five thousand participated to observe Yolanda’s first anniversary from the Yolanda victims, survivors and residents, from the fisher folk and families, from the People Surge a group composed of super typhoon victims, cause-oriented groups and from the Roman Catholic Church lit up the candles and release the white balloons to mark with prayers and protests.

President Aquino unable to confront and meet the anger and indignation from the victims of Tacloban decided to visit instead Guiuan, E. Samar.

Is it because that the President Pnoy is an Aquino and the mayor is a Romualdez? The Tacloban city govt maintained its disappointment of the slow response of the national govt in giving relief and rehabilitation efforts assistance to the ravaged areas.

The city govt of Tacloban remained disappointed of slow response of the national govt in providing assistance to the devastated areas.

The response of several NGOs (one of the most active is the GMA Foundation) and private entities are the ones helping to rebuild the devastated city. The local govt has provided bunkhouses as temporary abodes and then distributed hectares for relocation, but then the national govt shows a lot of National Government deficiencies which show that have not yet acted on providing permanent houses.

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