Join Manulife Bundle of Joy Community

The Manufacturers Life Insurance Co. (Phils.) Inc. (Manulife Philippines), one of the country’s leading insurance companies,has made life insurance more accessible by offering FREE insurance through Manulife Bundle of Joy. This good news is perfect for new parents, parents-to-be and everyone who wants to be a part of Bundle of Joy community!

The vast majority of newborns enter the world healthy but they are more vulnerable to germs than older babies because they simply haven’t had time to build up defenses. Sometimes infants develop conditions that require medical tests and treatment. All signs and symptoms are of even greater concern if the baby is less than 3 months old.

We can only do so much to take care of our little one, and even if we wrap our child in our arms until they are okay to thrive on their own, we as parents cannot live forever. Accidents happen and diseases will not always be at bay. The unpredictability of parenthood comes with inevitable emergencies of life. If something happens to the mom or dad or God Forbid even both of them before they turn one, what happens to your newborn child? What can we leave behind?

We can either burden ourselves with anxiety on things we cannot control or secure the best future for your child without delay. This means that there is  no need to wait until their first birthday. The absolute security of our newborn is not even a choice, it is a necessity. After all, what is more urgent than our child’s future?

Bundle of Joy Launch #manulifeph #bundleofjoy

The cost of pregnancy, baby delivery, supplies and immunizations all add up. So for parents like us, Manulife’s Bundle of Joy program is a welcome breath of fresh air. With no premium required, moms and dads with newborns less than a year old would only need to register online for a free one-year insurance coverage worth Php100,000.00. You can also seek expert advice and useful guides for first-time parents and financial awareness for those who are starting to build a family. The site also offers relevant information for us parents on freebies, promos and other fun activities.

At this time, getting insurance may be at the bottom of your checklist, as it was previously in ours. But as we relish the joys of parenthood, let us learn to choose lifelong benefits, the ones that would benefit the family and ultimately our newborns. The cute strollers, cribs, baby bouncers and toys will be outgrown in a short amount of time but a good insurance coverage will last a long time.

Bundle of Joy advocacy aims to reach, secure and protect as many Filipino families as possible. Eligible parents that sign up with the Manulife Bundle of Joy community (www.manulifebundleofjoy.com.ph) will be entitled to a free one-year term life insurance coverage worth P100,000

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