LAGUNA Out Takes: Ang SARAP Magliwaliw sa Liliw DIVA!

Selfie at Tsinelas street with a giant shoe from the famous Badong’s Shoes!
Sarap Diva staff and crew all excited for the Laguna adventure!
Selfie with Direk Bam and the giant shoe again!
Direk Treb doing a robotic pose with the giant shoe!
The Cooking Diva has arrived! That’s Jon ready to do the briefing with Ate Reg.
sd 2015_Laguna_Liliw_episodic_23
Donita Rose learned how to make Uraro!
sd 2015_Laguna_Liliw_episodic_2
The Cooking Diva is really not so diva-like. Here she drinks a soda sitting by the side walk waiting for the next take!
sd 2015_Laguna_Liliw_episodic_26
The truly humble Chef Boy Logro, gamely showed us his skill of climbing coconut trees to harvest its fruit for ‘Tuba’ or native wine-making!

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