REMILLY’S YEMA CAKE: Caramel milky goodness and more

Different versions of caramel cake, yema cake and pastillas cake abound in the Metro. An all-time favorite version is from a cake shop located in Timog. That was until I tasted Remilly’s Yema Cake!

Chanced upon their addictive cakes after canvassing interior decors and decided to try single serving versions of their Caramel and Yema-Pastillas cakes (they have other variants like ube, mocha, etc.)

Long story short, the cakes were so delicious and its not ‘nakakaumay’ or too sweet! The caramel has generous milky sauce and does not have that ‘burned milk’ taste, topped with chocolate shavings. The yema-pastillas is not too sweet and has generous milky sauce and topped with cheese shavings.

The best part, each single version is less than Php100! They also have rolls (whole & half) and full cake versions too!

Aside from cakes and rolls they also offer custom-made cakes, cupcakes and other pastries.


351-7036 / 340-9829 / 0922-2261872 0922-820-2328/

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