My version of PEPPER TOFU TOPPED WITH TAOSTED SESAME SEEDS| http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

There’s this popular tea place which serves yummy pepper tofu with fried basil. its my favorite to munch o with their Hokkaido Tea.

Last July (yes, only had time to blog about it now), tried to replicate it for when I get the munchies and have no time to drop by said tea place.

My version of PEPPER TOFU | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

So clockwise, here’s what I did:


  • Wash fresh basil leaves in tap water, shake off the excess water and pat dry with a towel
  • Heat a non-stick pan (without oil) and place the basil leaves
  • Cook the basil leaves until crisp, check from time to time and don’t over cook or it will turn bitter
  • Once cooked, set aside


  • Carefully cut tofu into cubes, place in a clean & dry towel to remove excess water and set aside
  • The next steps are part of my version: In a resealable bag or container, mix cornstarch, flour salt & pepper; You may also add paprika or other spices
  • Place the tofu in the bag or container with the coating mix and shake until tofu is covered; set aside
  • Heat a non-stick pan (you can add just enough oil to fry the tofu also if desired) and place the covered tofu
  • Cook each side for 3 minutes or until tofu turns golden brown
  • When both sides are cooked, sprinkle a bit of toasted sesame seeds and toss or mix carefully
  • Remove from the pan and place in serving dish


  • Use the pan wherein you cooked the tofu and add just enough water and sugar (or mix this in a cup first)
  • Stir until it turns into a sauce, add salt & pepper to taste and chili if preferred


  • Heat a non-stick pan, ( you can add a bit of cooking oil if you like) and place preferred amount of sesame seeds
  • Cook for 2 minutes and remove from heat

Serve the pepper tofu sprinkled with sesame seeds and fried basil with the dip on the side. And there you have it!

My other version of PEPPER TOFU, this time with diced shallots and paprika | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

For my spicier version (see photo above) just follow the same instructions but add paprika to the coating mixture and add some diced shallots (‘sibuyas na pula’) while cooking the sesame seeds. And for the sauce, add some minced bird’s eye chili (‘siling labuyo’) or chili flakes.

And that’s it for now, will share more food experiments soon!


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