Santo Domingo Church: Mama Mary’s Birthday

STO. DOMINGO CHURCH | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

Went to Sto. Domingo Church because its Mama Mary’s birthday. Mama Mary (La Naval de Manila) is situated at the left side of altar, is well-lit and adorned with beautiful white flowers. Devotees were also allowed to climb up the stairs to the back of the image to pay respect in a closer manner.

I remember way back when women Marian devotees of all ages would wear white ‘belos’ or veils when reciting novenas in church. I saw two elderly women who donned their veils with rosaries and novena pamphlets in hand – rare sighting.

Oh well, I’m getting sentimental again. I just wish Roman Catholic families would make time to practice and explain the importance of sacraments and church rites to the new generation. Going to church in ‘Sunday bests’ in churches rather than malls. But that’s just me.

Happy birthday Mama Mary, thank you for your continuous guidance. protection and love!

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