URMAJESTYSIRE’S FOOD TRIPS: Crispy Chicken Skin, a deadly delicious Filipino Street-food

CRISPY CHICKEN SKIN | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

Crispy Chicken Skin is peddled in the market near our home at around late afternoon to dinner time. It easily sells and runs out of stock because its not just street food for Filipinos per se, it can also be ‘ulam’ or part of a rice meal.

Like in our case, if we don’t have time to to cook we buy two small brown bags (around 50 grams each), whip up some crab & corn soup and take it with rice! We usually consume just a bag so we set aside the rest and make ‘papak’ or munch for midnight snack.

I know, its not healthy because its, fried, full of cholesterol  yada yada, but then again, a little deadly delicious makes my tummy happy!

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