D’SOUND: Back with New Single “CLOSE TO ME”


D’Sound, the band behind the ground-breaking hits “Tattooed On My Mind”, “Talkin’ Talk”, “Do I Need A Reason”, “People Are People” and many more, is back with “CLOSE TO ME” – their follow-up single from their latest album entitled “Signs”.

“Signs”, the Asian Edition, features 12 tracks including the singles “Lose Control” and “Love Like Rain” plus 2 bonus tracks of “Win It (Coucheron and Lido Edit). A Deluxe Edition of “Signs” is on the works and it will feature alternate versions, remixes, plus a brand new track.

When asked about the new single “Close To Me,” lead vocalist Simone Eriksrud expressed that “This song was originally co-written with my husband, producer, Simen Eriksrud. It’s about two people secretly attracted to one another. We wrote this song just after returning from some gigs in Indonesia, and a tropical feeling seems to linger in both the melody and the arrangement. We always get inspired when we visit Asia; by the people we meet and by the atmosphere.”

 Get the brand new track here: https://getmusic.lnk.to/CloseToMeDSoundPR

 Likewise, D’Sound talked about the recording process of “Signs,” — “In music as in life, you face many difficult choices. The balance between the easy and the heavy decisions can be dramatic in music as in life. This album deals with this, and the first single ‘Lose Control’ pinpoints it.” The band has been through a tough time, both personally and musically the last six years since they split up in 2009. All three have gradually felt that they wanted to be reunited. They wholeheartedly felt the magic when they were recording “Signs” and this magic was a confirmation that playing together once again was the right choice.

SIGNS” is exclusively distributed by  and is OUT NOW in CDs at Astroplus/Astrovision. Download via SPINNR.PH or iTunes. Stream via SPOTIFY or DEEZER. Get it here: https://getmusic.lnk.to/SignsByDSound


At the beginning of the ‘90s, an exciting new act burst on to Oslo’s club-scene; the name of the band was D’Sound. D’Sound are: singer Simone, drummer Kim & bass player Jonny. In 1994, English and American bands playing acid jazz and hip hop was no rare experience in the Norwegian capital – what made D’Sound stand out was that they were, in fact, Norwegian.

After their early beginnings in ‘93 / ‘94 they could not fail to be noticed, due to their knack for music, the ability to absorb musical influences, genuine love for music on and off stage, and required professional experience. So far this has resulted in getting a record deal and breakthrough in Norway, release in several other countries, various performances both locally and abroad, and also two nominations for the Norwegian Grammys. Having developed and matured, D’Sound have still kept strong elements of soul, R&B, jazz and drum ‘n’ bass, as pop music has progressed from their acid jazz starting point.

The band members consider D`Sound as a modern band where all three of them play equal roles in fronting the band. D`Sound was formed in 1993 when Simone, Kim and Jonny had their first rehearsals in a damp Oslo basement. Kim and Jonny, who got to know each other studying music in the USA, were introduced to Simone in 1993. The three of them hit it off immediately in terms of chemistry and musical preferences, and started the Oslo garage band Sweet ‘n’ Sour, later to be called D’Sound. They interpreted songs by artists like Prince and Tom Waits, and as synchronized as they were, it naturally led on to them writing their own material. A lot of Simone’s existing song material was one hidden resource that was given new life in the constellation D’Sound. An abundance of inspiration from the likes of Mother Earth, Incognito and Brand New Heavies also contributed greatly. They had fun experimenting within the international acid jazz genré, R&B, and soul.


  • The band was formed in 1993
  • Released six studio albums 1997 – 2009
  • Three albums rewarded with gold, two albums platinum
  • Three times nominated for Norwegian Grammy
  • Winner of Norwegian Grammy, Best Pop Album in 1998 with “Beauty Is A Blessing”
  • First band to play live on MTV Japan in 1997
  • Split up as a band during the recording of “Starts and Ends” in 2009
  • Reunited in April 2013
  • The Album “Signs” was released in the autumn 2014

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