Fathers and Daughters: When the past won’t let you go, let love see you through

FATHERS AND DAUGHTERS, a Voltage Pictures presentation is a 2015 American-Italian emotional drama film directed by Gabriele Muccino (“Pursuit of Happiness”).Starring RUSSELL CROWE and AMANDA SEYFRIED, it is based on a 2012 script written by Brad Desch.

The story of a father and daughter living 25 years apart in New York City. Russell Crowe portrays a famous novelist and widower struggling with mental illness as he tries to raise his 5-year-old daughter. Amanda Seyfried portrays the now-grown daughter in present-day Manhattan as she battles the aftermath of her troubled childhood.

Aaron Paul is playing Amanda Seyfried’s love interest, and the role should come naturally given that he played a comparable part on HBO’s “Big Love.”

Fathers And Daughters shown in cinemas starting January 27, 2016.

Released by OctoArts Films International.

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