Beyond The Fence: West End’s newest musical completely written by a ‘non-human’

Beyond The Fence | http://www.beyondthefencemusical.com | All Rights reserved

‘Beyond The Fence’ is a new musical set in 1982 AD involves a woman torn between doing what is best for her daughter and staying true to her ideals. It runs fro Feb. 22 to March 5 at the Arts Theatre in London.

It is also the first show completely written by a computer program commissioned by Sky Arts based on a statistical analysis of what makes a Broadway hit.

Beyond The Fence is bringing a range of computer- generated material to life in the hope to create a powerful and exciting West End musical. #ComputerSaysShow | All rights reserved

If computers can create art, where does that leave us? Do we trade-in writers or composers for computer engineers, Computer programmers and applications?

#ComputerSaysShow It’s almost time for the curtain to go up at the Arts Theatre West End.

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The team at Goldsmiths, University of London, used their unique What-If Machine to generate multiple central premises, featuring key characters, for a musical production. This was the starting point and the original idea for Beyond the Fence


More about the idea and the show after the jump.


Beyond the Fence is conceived by computer and substantially crafted by computer. It is modelled on a statistical study of the ‘recipe for success’ in hit musicals. This ground-breaking process is being filmed for a Sky Arts TV series titled ‘Computer Says Show’, chronicling this unique experiment (to be broadcast in spring 2016). In collaboration with leading experts in music, computation and the science of human creativity, composer Benjamin Till and his husband, writer and actor, Nathan Taylor, the award winning team behind ‘Our Gay Wedding: The Musical’ (Channel 4), will bring a whole range of computer-generated material to life, presiding over the creation of an emotionally powerful and exciting West End show which is at the same time the grandest of experiments. That experiment has been designed and co-ordinated by Dr Catherine Gale, who also produces and directs the series.


September 1982. Mary and her daughter George are celebrating one year of living at the Greenham Common peace camp. The group of women they have joined are all committed to stopping the arrival of US cruise missiles through non-violent protest. When Mary is faced with losing her child to the authorities, an unlikely ally is found in US Airman Jim Meadow. How can she continue to do what is best for her daughter while staying true to her ideals? Beyond the Fence is a powerful new musical about hope, defiance, unity and love.

Source: beyondthefencemusical.com

THE CAST: Leonie Elliott, Rebecca Brewer, Christine Allado, Rob Castell, Laura Jane Matthewson, Llio Millward, Steffan Lloyd-Evans, CJ Johnson, Guy Mott, Ako Mitchell, Michele Moran, Annie Wensak,Hollie Owen, and Zaiya Omamori | All Right s reserved


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