Chef Tatung: Philippine Cookery From Heart To Platter book launch

From Heart to Platter Cover
Philippine Cookery: From Heart To Platter by Chef Myke Tatung Sarthou | Book design by Ige Ramos | Photography by Paulo Valenzuela

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Chef Tatung Sarthou is one of the Philippines’ most sought after chefs, well known for his passion for Philippine cuisine and his many social and culinary advocacy. Today, his love for Filipino cooking finds fruition in his first book, Philippine Cookery: From Heart to Platter.

In all his endeavors, Chef Tatung champions indigenous cooking methods, supports small farmers around the country, and promotes Philippine cuisine.

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Chef Tatung believes that, in order to cook Filipino, one must cook out of love, honestly and simply, without pretension.
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Elated with this signed copy of Chef Tatung’s book.

Chef Tatung’s many years of research around the country explores ingredients like vinegar, coconut, rice, as well as traditional kitchen tools like the palayok or claypot, and bamboo tubes used for boiling.

His book has ten engrossing chapters which includes basic cooking methods and techniques for readers to understand Philippine cuisine’s historical roots as well as how to learn to cook it at home, with 71 recipes of basics like tinolang manok, kare-kare, adobong pusit and more unusual fare like bulanglang, piyanggang, pinaupong manok sa asin.

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Hand-painted cake by Chef Edward David Mateo

About the Author:

Michael Giovan Sarthou III, popularly known as Chef Tatung, is a chef, writer, and culinary heritage advocate. He developed his love for cooking while growing up in Cebu where his grandmothers would let him help cook in the family kitchen. In 2010, he burst onto the restaurant scene with the popular Chef Tatung’s, which explored Philippine regional specialties in all their diversity .Since then, Chef Tatung has become a jovial, engaging media presence.

He has shared his cooking expertise on such TV shows as The Amazing Food Challenge on the Asian Food Channel and Food Wars on Food Network. He has been featured in all major food magazines in the Philippines as well as in foreign lifestyle magazines. The Philippine Daily Inquirer named him one of the “Ten People Worth Knowing” in 2012. F&B World Magazine included him in its list of “Top Chefs” for 2013. Food Magazine featured him in its “50 Best” list in December 2013.

He is one of only two Manila-based chefs invited to speak at Madrid Fusión Manila 2016, the first and only Asian edition of the most important gastronomy congress in the world held annually in Spain. He is a regular columnist for FOOD Magazine and he will soon be presenting a four-part documentary Special on Lifestyle TV called The Food That We Are. Philippine Cookery: From Heart to Platter is his first book and is published by ABS CBN Publishing.

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