Food Trends: Raindrop Cake or Dew Cake recipe

blog_april_raindrop cake_dewdewph_1
Raindrop Cake | Raindrop Cake PH | All rights reserved

The latest food trend, for desserts that is, is the ‘Raindrop Cake’ also known as ‘Dew Cake.’

Its a take on the Japanese ‘Mizu Shingen Mochi’ and there’s no traditional cake ingredients in it, just mineral water and agar-agar (a gelling agent made from a mixture of several different carbohydrates extracted from seaweed).

The original flavor is served with sesame powder, ‘kinako’ (roasted soy bean flour) and ‘kuromitsu’ (Japanese sugar syrup, literally means ‘black honey’ that is similar to molasses)



1/8 teaspoon agar agar powder
2/3 cup mineral water (*it must be mineral water)


-mix the agar agar powder and mineral water well

-pour into round molds and let set

-once set, place in a serving plate and serve with some kinako and kuromitsu

You can also serve this with berries or other fruit slices or chocolate syrup.

You may also add flavors to the mineral water but it may affect the consistency of the ball mold.

If you don’t fancy making one, well there’s local weekend kiosk Raindrop Cake PH serves it at Malingap MarketPlace Teachers Village.

So there you go, make your own dew cake or hop on to Malingap Street during the weekend. Enjoy!

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