UrMajestySiresFoodExperiments: ‘Tinuwang na Danggit’

blog_tinuwang na danggit
TINUWANG NA DANGGIT | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

‘Tinuwang na Danggit’ is a Visayan dish similar to Tagalog’s ‘Tinola’ (Chicken Ginger Stew). My sister taught me how to cook this when we we visited our cousin in Laguna a few weeks ago.

Its a clean and simple dish if you want a break from eating meat and you are not in the mood for vegetables as well. You can also use any small to medium sized flat fish and add more veggies like green papaya slices or ‘upo’ (bottle gourd).

During rainy days, you can up the ginger and serve it with hot steamed rice with a dip of fish sauce with sliced red chili for some punch (that’s how we take it hehe!)


fresh danggit
onions, quartered
tomatoes, quartered
ginger, sliced
water, just enough to cover the amount of fish in your pot
salt & pepper

– Clean the fish or have it cleaned at your local ‘suki’ in the palengke or supermarket
– In a pot, boil water
– Add the onions tomatoes and ginger and let simmer for a few minutes
– Add the fish and simmer for ten minutes
– Season with salt & pepper
– Serve with steamed rice






















































































































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