#UrMajestySiresAdventures: Christmas Decor Inspirations in August

September’s just around the corner so there’s roughly two months to plan and build or add to your theme (especially if you’re in the Philippines which celebrates Christmas from September to January). Remember, holiday decors are cheaper if you order/buy months ahead, if you buy by the dozen and if you buy raw (no paint, glitter, etc.).

Make it a point to visit bazaars, factory outlets, garage sales, etc. if you want unique pieces in your collection or simply put, if you want to achieve a ‘non-mall look.’ Or if you’re the crafty type, buy your materials and start off early.

Here are some of my ‘finds’  for the month of August broken down into categories from the Christmas 2016 trends.

Unique Christmas Tree Design: ‘Christmas Tree Dress’ – To be honest, this trend started 2015 but its still the rage with those who want to diverse from the traditional. It’s great for a girl’s room, for a fashion boutique display, for a walk-in closet, etc. Its a definite conversation piece if you place it in your foyer, garden or powder room too.

august_decors research 16

xmas tree dress_cto fashion seeker

Watch variations of this trend here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrT3IuTbX_0

Themes after the jump

Playful Theme: Characteristics are bold colors like metallic gold, silver & copper, cartoon-like graphic and abstract pieces. You can achieve this by adding colorful metal balls, metallic colored balls, tree decors with food themes (gingerbread cookies, cupcakes, popsicles, etc.) or  miniature Bags, gifts, etc.

august_decors research 13

august_decors research 14

august_decors research 15

Rustic and Neutral Theme: Character traits are natural and monochrome colors with the use of mystical and magical imagery. Incorporate simulated twigs, tree branches, decors with twine, use firefly lights, etc. at focal areas of your living or working spaces.

august_decors research 4

august_decors research 8

august_decors research 26

Traditional Theme: The usual red, white and green colors with santas, marionettes, celestial objects, etc. Add a few pieces to your kitchen counter, hang a piece by a corner wall in a kid’s room, a piece on your office table, etc.

august_decors research 21

august_decors research 22

So there you go, I hope these will help inspire new ideas for your living or working space this holiday season. Thank you for the click!


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