Summer Interior Design Inspirations: How to get that subtle seaside vacation house vibe!

I know its just September, but its never too early to build or to add to your summer interior inspiration. Its quite cheaper to buy certain decors off-season plus you can take advantage of the end-of-the-year furniture sale! So here are a few of my finds and suggestions on how to follow the summer trends without going overboard.

blog_birds nest terrarium_edited

The ‘bird house’  or ‘weaver bird’s nest’ (like in my recent post here) design is used to bring a bit of nature in a living space. This particular design is one of my favorites because it incorporated two ideas, the bird’s nest and terrarium. I’m looking for a slightly bigger size to experiment with placing herbs for the kitchen. Now if you want a ‘beach’ vibe, use sand, seashells, pebbles, etc. instead. Place one or two of these at corner tables, kitchen counters, mantles, etc.

blog_seashell decors_edited

Seashells, sand, pebbles, dried seed pods, etc. are classic nautical implements but the twist of the trend nowadays is to add bright colors like blue, yellow and green. I would like this in the foyer but it would be more interesting if placed in the powder room or bathroom with scented oil or scented candle. There are ‘sea’ scents available now which will add dimension to the experience.

blog_summer sofa_edited

The 70’s vibe is back and apparently so is ‘rattan’ with interesting shapes and finishes. But ‘faux wicker’ can be a more durable alternative. Yes, patio furniture can also be used inside living spaces now.

Also back in trend is the use of wrought iron with tempered glass base as structured functional pieces used as candle holders, planters, candy caddy, etc.

Exotic textures and psychedelic colors are also back to give that pop of color to monochromatic themed spaces. Add just a few pieces of different colors and textures to throw pillows, rugs, table mats, etc.

blog_white cabinet_edited

White and Monochrome themes are timeless design inspirations. Valentino, Saint Laurent, Dior and even Victoria Beckham have incorporated this to their fashion collections this year.

Couple that with ‘oriental’ furniture designs for that fresh and chic look. Keep it simple with just one or two accessories preferably a plant to add color and life.

blog_summer table_edited

Wood (teak, weathered, etc.) with metal base and interesting lean designs adds a certain ‘lightness’ to your living space. Accessorize with a small plant, a white frame and one or two shells for effect. Do not crowd it with accessories. Remember, you’re going for a carefree vibe here.

blog_summer 2 seater_edited

So there you go, you don’t need to break your budget to achieve that ‘vacation house’ look! Minimal changes here and there, a pop of color and your living space will have a different look. Hope you like it and thanks for the click!



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