SaLang Restaurant: A hidden Korean gem in Ortigas

The K-Pop invasion for the past decade or so has influenced not only the fashion, makeup & skincare, movies & television concepts but also the Filipino’s palate. Soon Korean restaurants and stalls have sprouted in and around the metro, each claiming to have the best version or authentic Korean food. Almost unnoticeable within the Ortigas Center is SaLang (pronounced as ‘sarang’, which means ‘my heart,’ ‘my dear,’ or ‘my love’), a Korean restaurant which serves honest-to-goodness Korean food.

Here’s my food adventure along with a few learned terms that I want to share.

SaLang Korean Restaurant | Bulgogi Jeongol | All rights reserved

Salang Bulgogi Jeongol‘Barbecued Beef Stew’ comprises of slices of ‘gul’ or grilled meat, ‘dangmeon’ or Korean sweet potato noodles or otherwise known as Japchae noodles, beef broth, 3 kinds of mushroom (Enoki or ‘Paengi-buseot’, Shiitake or ‘Pyogo-buseot’ and Wood Ear or ‘Mogi-beoseot’), thinly sliced carrots, leeks and sliced white onions topped with sesame seeds. It was my first time to try this and its really good! Its definitely one of those soup/noodles type of food to crave for when its raining. Their serving is huge and can probably warm up 3 to 4 persons, so better bring company when you visit to try this.

SaLang Korean Restaurant | Shabu Shabu | All rights reserved

SaLang Shabu Shabu (Php500/minimum 2 orders) – If you fancy to cook your food then order this dish. You can choose from two types of meat and a choice also of one or two types of noodles, then there’s the beef broth, 3 kinds of mushroom (Enoki or ‘Paengi-buseot’, Shiitake or ‘Pyogo-buseot’ and Wood Ear or ‘Mogi-beoseot’), there’s shrimps, fish & lobster balls, crab roll, clams, corn, spinach and other vegetables plus, its served with side dishes that you can have refilled twice!

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SaLang Korean Restaurant | Samgyubsal, Beef Bibimbap, Daeji Galbi, Bulgogi w/ Rice & side dishes | All rights reserved

SaLang Samgyubsal or Samgyupsal (Php250/180grams)  seasoned and marinated thin strips of ‘gul’ or grilled pork belly that you eat by dipping a piece in sesame oil sauce with a dollop of ‘ssamjang’ (which is a thick paste made of ‘doenjang’ or fermented bean paste, ‘gochujang’ or red chili paste made of red chili, glutinous rice, fermented soybeans and salt), then wrap it in a lettuce leaf.

Beef Bibimbap (Php200) – is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with ‘namul’ or seasoned vegetables and ‘gochujang’, soy sauce or ‘doenjang,’ some sliced meat then topped with a raw or fried egg. You mix everything together before eating. Its the most popular Korean dish and its great if you want a quick and hearty meal.

Daeji Galbi (Php200/200grams) – This ‘Spicy Grilled Pork Ribs’ is made of ‘galbi or ‘kalbi’ which is a variety of ‘gul’ or grilled meat that has been marinated in sweet or spicy sauce. Its a spicy and savory tummy-filler if you want a quick and hearty meal.

Bulgogi w/ Rice (Php190) – translates to‘fire meat,’ this is basically any meat, chicken or pork that has been marinated in sweet or spicy sauce (ex. soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic and pepper) then grilled. Served with steamed rice with a side of lettuce or spinach and thin slices of other vegetables. Its quite the popular choice for the less adventurous because its very close to the Filipino palate much like ‘Bistek Tagalog.’

There’s a lot more in their menu, they also serve some Japanese food like ‘maki.’ Visit with your family and friends because each serving of their dish or combo is really for sharing plus it makes for a good food bonding experience.

Salang Korean Restaurant is located at:  AIC Gold Tower, Garnet Road, Ortigas, Pasig City


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