MCA Music Phils: Former Urbandub vocalist Gabby Alipe debuts first single as a solo artist


Former lead band vocalist of Urbandub Gabby Alipe releases his debut single as a solo artist “VISIONS” this September 23, 2016. It is the first track to be released from his upcoming first solo EP entitled “A New Strain” coming out this October. “Visions” is all about having a positive mindset in life.

“That no matter what struggles you may face, as long as you have a clear vision of your goals that a person has to work hard in achieving that goal, no matter the hindrance or road blocks. That a person has potential and can achieve anything in life as long as they believe in themselves and not let fear have control over them. That everything will fall into place, all in good time.” Alipe said.

More about the Artist:

After Urbandub decided to go their separate ways in 2015, MCA Music signed Alipe as a solo artist.

“I’ve had a very good working relationship with MCA, even while Urbandub was still signed to their label. It’s always great to work with people who are very encouraging and give the artist free reign to express themselves and their art. I couldn’t be more grateful to still be signed to a label that treats you like family.” Alipe said.

Gabby Alipe also shared how he started singing from being part of a band and now as a solo artist.

“Never really was a singer. Never thought I’d end up being a frontman for a band. I always saw myself as a songwriter and guitar player. My journey as a musician started in high school. I joined different bands as a guitar player. While in college, I was a working student, and began playing in bands in the local Cebu music scene, as a bass player. when my former band didn’t want to write original material, I decided to form Urbandub ith my friend Jed Honrado, which led me to sing, only because nobody knew who we were or was interested joining our group as our vocalist. I became a singer by accident. 16 years later, after Urbandub’s run, I’m embarking on a new challenge as a solo artist.” Alipe said.

“Visions” had its premiere on radio last Sept. 22 at Jam 88.3 and RX 93.1. The single is now available through digital downloads via Spinnr and iTunes and streaming also at Spinnr, Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer. Click this link to stream or download: https://GabbyAlipe.lnk.to/VisionsPR. For bookings and inquiries, contact MCA Music Artist Management at +639209682991 or email mcabookings@umusic.com. For more updates and information on Gabby Alipe, log on to the following pages: Facebook- MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines), Instagram- mca_music, Twitter- @mcamusic.

For more about Gabby Alipe :
Twitter – https://Twitter.com/Udubgab
Instagram – https://https://instagram.com/udubgab/

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