‘Titans From The Age Of Ice’: For a limited time experience ‘Titans from the Age of Ice’ come alive!


Experienced ‘Titans From The Age Of Ice’ on its opening day at Trinoma. Its the last leg of their tour at Ayala Malls. They are located at Trinoma Cinema Lobby from September 30 to October 9.


I went with my cousin Ate Fely and upon entering she immediately understood why I was so excited. In this age of the social media, it would seem that animatronics at a mall is boring, even for pre-schoolers. But I beg to disagree, one should experience ‘Titans From The Age of Ice’ before dismissing it as such.


The 25 massive Animatronics were really a sight to behold coupled with fascinating facts from Australian tour guides. Each and every creature/animal as presented by a tour guide, has their unique and fascinating characteristics that one would wonder ‘what if’ they were still around.


We really took time with each creature/animal, some are ancestors of species that are still around albeit on the ‘border of extinction’ list.


The cute birds above are probably the ancestors of penguins. They’re huge versions though, lays an egg once a year which probably one of the the reasons for their extinction and basically just ate fish.


After the tour, you have the opportunity to take photos with the animatronics. If you are with kids, there is a live musical, a puppet show, a photo booth up on a baby mammoth, painting and other craft activities plus get to meet the mascots!



The Mammoths were what really got me excited to troop down to Trinoma. The mere thought of having an idea, albeit a simulation, of the grandeur of the proof existence of such creatures is really exciting!


The Gorilla/Monkey above reminded me of Harambe. Humongous mammals which are akin to us humans as they say.


A tour is good for two hours which you may think is such a long time. But believe me, you’ll truly enjoy yourself and maybe ask for an extension. I sincerely recommend it to everyone. Bring your family and friends, especially the kids because they’ll learn while enjoying the tour and other fun activities.


We met ‘Zabe’ the Saber-toothed Tiger and had a photo for posterity. There’s also ‘Maurice’ the Mammoth.

More about ‘Titans From The Age Of Ice’ after the jump

More information:

Ayala Malls together with Limitless Ventures is bringing the latest and spectacular event, “Titans from the Age of Ice”.

Come face to face with a gigantic Mammoth, fight-off saber-toothed tigers and experience what it would have been like at the start of the last ice age 70,000 years ago.

Australian and local guides will meet guests at the magical ice entrance, walk through falling snow and enter the age of ice. Prepare to meet the mammoth family who stretch out their trunks and trumpet loudly! Laugh with the hipparion! Roar with the gigantopithecus as he towers over you in terror! Interact and get to know more than 25 ice age animals making you believe you’re really there.

Experience a full guided tour, puzzle activity and never seen before live musical stage show “The Mammoth and the Zoo Keeper” – featuring Maurice the mammoth and Zabe the saber-toothed tiger.

Trinoma Cinema Lobby from September 30 to October 9, 2016

Buy your tickets now at Trinoma Cinema Lobby.

You may also call 02.925.7421 / 0916.240.3572 / 0998.312.7252

For more details and inquiries, you can also email info@limitlessventures.org


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