2016 QC International Film Festival: ‘Patintero’ Ang Alamat Ni Meng Patalo

Movies geared towards children are a rarity in Philippine cinema. That is why the new kid movie “Patintero: Ang Alamat Ni Meng Patalo” is such a refreshing break from the norm.

‘Patintero’: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo is the winner of the Audience Choice Award and Gender Sensitivity Award at the 2016 QC International Film Festival

“Patintero” tells the story of Meng, a young girl who assembles a group of neighborhood ‘losers’ so they can compete in the biggest patintero competition. More than its laugh-out-loud moments, the movie is rife with coming-of-age themes of friendship, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. Best of all, it carries a strong anti-bullying message for the youth.
“Patintero” boasts of an all children lead cast. It has action-packed scenes inspired by anime and comic books that kids and even kids at heart would surely enjoy.

Directed by Mihk Vergara and produced by the same team behind last year’s hit “Heneral Luna”, “Patintero” is a film with a big heart.

Try to catch “Patintero” as soon as you can. The film is rated G by MTRCB. Now showing in select cinemas nationwide.


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