Juan Pastry: Deliciously different takes on our favorite Pinoy food at El Fresco Food Park


Juan Pastry is barely a month old and it has been drawing lots of foodies, food lovers and the like at El Fresco Park in Quezon City. I like their take on chosen Filipino food, familiar yet with a different preparation and well-thought way of serving.

Juan Pastry | Pancit in Bagoong Balayan with Spanish Sardines | All rights reserved

Pancit in Bagoong Balayan with Spanish Sardines – the Pinoy ‘Pancit’ (rice noodles) but flavored with ‘Bagoong’ (shrimp paste) and topped with Spanish sardines. A unique version of  balanced savory flavors.

Juan Pastry | Seafood Pinoy Pasta in Aligue Sauce | All rights reserved

Seafood Pinoy Pasta in Aligue Sauce – there are ‘Aligue’ (crab fat) pasta in some restaurants but Juan Pastry made it Pinoy by incorporating seafood.

Juan Pastry | HaloBilo | All rights reserved

HaloBilo – one of Juan pastry’s unique creation which is a combination of deconstructed Pinoy ‘Halo-Halo’ (fruits, beans, etc. mixed together with condensed milk) and fried ‘Bilo-Bilo’ (sticky rice balls in coconut milk).

Juan Pastry | Brownie Maruya | All rights reserved

Brownie Maruya‘Maruya’ (banana fritters) transformed into yummy brownies, another unique Juan Pastry creation.


Beef Caldereta, Laing, Bicol Express and Dinuguan Pie – our favorite Pinoy ‘ulam’ encased in pastry, easy to eat or bring home for the family.

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Juan Pastry | Beef Tapa Sandwich | All rights reserved

Beef Tapa Sandwich – Juan Pastry’s bestseller, another Pinoy ‘ulam’ made easier to eat or to-go.

Juan Pastry | Lemongrass Cold Tea | All rights reserved

Lemongrass Cold Tea – Accompany your Juan Pastry food choices with a healthy drink like ‘Tanglad’ or lemongrass tea.

Juan Pastry | Local Espresso Coffee | All rights reserved

Local Espresso Coffee – For coffee drinkers/lovers, Juan Pastry has their brew too.

Juan Pastry | Location Map | All rights reserved

Juan Pastry is located at:
El Fresco Food Park, 29 Shorthorn Street, Project 8, Quezon City; Open from Tuesday to Sunday, 4pm onwards

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