Halloween 2016: Shopping Finds for Halloween Party Giveaways and Trick or Treat Goodies

With the popularity of Asian horror flicks, cosplays, proliferation of specialty food establishments, etc. its worth noting that Filipinos have upped the celebration of Halloween locally within the past decades. It may be a foreign or Western type of celebration albeit emanated from a ‘pagan‘ ritual, but our penchant for celebrations has gotten over those facts in lieu of some fun.

But enough of that and let’s have a bit cheer with some goodies. I have spotted some fun items that can add a bit of spook without much of a scare for the family, kids and friends alike especially if you’re preparing giveaways for ‘Trick or Treat’ or planning a Halloween party this year.

Halloween Finds 2016 | Baymax Mini LED Night Lamps | All rights reserved

Baymax Mini Night Lamps – who doesn’t like Baymax?! This adorable character which can pass as a relative of Ghostbuster’s ‘Stay Puft’ Marshmallow Man has captured our hearts since its film was released. I found these mini LED lamps that are so affordable and adorable to add to your goodie bags.

Halloween Finds 2016 | Light Bulb Shaped Container | All rights reserved

Light Bulb Shaped Glass Container – first saw this at a food establishment and was delighted to see it available for purchase in a couple of stores to date.  Its a great decoration, just fill it with mini candies or use it as a fun way to hold party drinks too.

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Halloween Finds 2016 | Mini Pumpkin Candy Containers | All rights reserved

Mini Pumpkin Candy Containers – what’s Halloween without pumpkin decorations right? These are individually wrapped mini pumpkin-shaped candy caddies (yes, it comes with free candies) that are great as decorations and giveaways as well.

Halloween Finds 2016 | Vampire Cartoon Lollipop | All rights reserved

Vampire Cartoon Lollipop – now these also come in other popular character faces like Frankenstein, Mummy, etc. Great as ‘Trick or Treat’ giveaways and goodie bag stuffing.

Halloween Finds 2016 | Owl Candy Container | All rights reserved

Owl Candy Container – if you frequent the popular grocers or supermarkets you may have seen these candy containers already. They also come in other shapes and popular cartoon characters like ladybug, bear, Hello Kitty, etc.

So there you go, those are just some of my Halloween ideas and shopping finds. Hope you enjoyed what I shared!


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