FDCP: Announces its official International Film Festival Assistance Program (IFFAP)


As Philippine Cinema continues to make big waves on a global stage by continuously being a staple at international film festivals, the FDCP is proud to announce its official International Film Festival Assistance Program (IFFAP).

The IFFAP is designed to assist filmmakers whose films have been selected into major international film festivals and the like. Applicants of the program may be granted as much as 2 round-trip airfare tickets and 3-night accommodations from the FDCP in support of a traveling film.

More about FDCP’s IFFAP after the jump

In turn, the FDCP would also be requiring the applying filmmakers to take part in its Mentorship Program which is focused towards the educational development of the local film community and Filipino audience as a whole. Herein filmmakers will be asked to participate in planned filmmaking workshops and activities around Manila and the regional communities.

The FDCP believes that with the recent triumphs and rising recognition of Filipino films on a global scale, we are once again heading towards another Golden age of Philippine cinema. It is vital that we push further in garnering success overseas but at the same time constantly develop the appreciation of Philippine cinema nationally.

For more information on the IFFAP and complete guidelines and regulations, please visit www.fdcp.ph

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