Die Beautiful: Its not another gay movie, its not about sexuality or LGBTQ, its not about that at all!



My eyes esp. the left one’s swollen because of allergies/asthma. But because I really wanted to watch na, downed medicine w/ coffee and dragged katawang-tao. Just stepped out of the cinema and now both eyes are swollen. Not because asthma got worse, but tears flowed 3 or 4 times during the movie. No joke and not ashamed to say so. Hindi ako handa grabe! No spoilers here, but a firm advice to WATCH IT! Its not another gay movie, its not about sexuality or LGBTQ, its not about that at all. Basta manuod kayo hay naku! Bravo Paolo Ballesteros (@pochoy_29) you really deserve the Best Actor award and to be called the ‘King of Queens;’ Direk Jun Robles Lana (@junrobleslana) such a masterful weave of story-telling – a masterpiece indeed; Sir Ferdinand Lapuz (@ferdy_lapuz) thank you for bringing this gem not just to our country, but to the rest of the world; Christian Bables (@christiaaan06) should also have & definitely deserve an acting award; Gladys Reyes-Sommereux (@iamgladysreyes) the perfect actress for ‘Beth’; Sir Joel Torre, gave a different dimension to his character; IC Mendoza (@ic.mendoza) it didn’t seem like acting for you because you are such a friend in life. To the rest of cast and crew, production, etc. I commend you all. Mabuhay ang Pelikulang Pilipino!
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Passed by the chapel for 3 o’clock habit and remembered a scene in #DieBeautiful wherein Paolo Ballesteros (@pochoy_29) touched the image of The Black Nazarene. Isa yun sa mga scences na tumagos sakin. Alam mo yung mabuti ka namang anak, estudyante – tao, pero dahil ‘bakla’ ka o ‘di ka ‘normal’ kuno, hindi ka tanggap ng ibang tao na minsan pamilya mo pa? 2017 na malayo na ang itinakbo ng siyensa at pananaliksik sa medicina pero bakit may mga makikitid pa na ang pag-iisip na ang pagiging ‘iba’ ay sakit na dapat gamutin? Na porque ‘iba’ pag namatay HIV o AIDS na ang cause agad. I remember my ‘gay’ friends whom have struggled with the same situation. Some are successful now, others are recently accepted by their families, those who sadly passed away without their families by their side and yes, a few who’ve taken their own lives. Tama na. Buksan na ng ating pag-iisip. Que LGBTQ ka man, ano’ng relihiyon man, lahat tayo anak ng Diyos. Ituro natin sa susunod na henerasyon ang respeto at pagmamahal sa kapwa. Minsan kasi ang galit o tradisyunal na paniniwala ay may bahid ng takot o pangamba. Di ba dapat ang basehan ay pagiging mabuting tao at hindi ang anyo at paniniwala?
Sorry not sorry, am still at the chapel writing this na naiiyak pa din. Mereseng tawagin mang emsoyonal ako or OA pero Dios Mio, uulitin ko hindi ako handa na ganung damdamin ang mapupukaw sakin ng pelikulang ito. Maraming salamat muli sa gumawa ng obrang ito.
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19th Cine Europa: At the FDCP Cinematheque Manila


The Cine Europa Film Festival is back with its last run of 2016 this December at the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) Cinematheque Centre Manila, with the festival presented to us by the European Union (EU) Delegation to the Philippines and its member states, in partnership with the FDCP through its Film Cultural Exchange Program, and other cultural organizations.

Boasting 19 years and being one of the longest and largest local film festivals, the Cine Europa celebrates 25 years of the EU Delegation in the Philippines with the theme of “Friendship” to highlight years of cross-continental partnership and collaboration as well as the quality filmmaking cinema from all over Europe. Also in celebration of this friendship, a by-invitation only gala for delegates of the European Union as well as special guests of the FDCP will be conducted during the festival run on December 8, 5 pm, before the private screening of Inés París’s Miguel Y William at 7:30 pm.

21 films showcase at the Cinematheque Manila this month, showing us what friendship means to all different cultures and points-of-view from 16 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

The 19th Cine Europa films screening at the Cinematheque Manila are: Continue reading “19th Cine Europa: At the FDCP Cinematheque Manila”


Velvet by Jing Monis: Creates individual looks that personifies one’s lifestyle

Two weeks ago, finally squeezed the time for much-needed hair cut and treatment! Been putting it off since was also pondering on a shorter cut and which hair color to choose in prep for the holiday season. Plus, the whole process should fit in 1-2 hours only (which is quite a feat for some salons as experienced before due to staff chit chats, etc. – but that’s another story).


Went to Velvet by Jing Monis since next schedule was a food/restaurant review located about 10-15 minutes nearby.

After a warm welcome, I was assigned a stylist who promptly asked me what my idea was. Cut 3-4 inches, darker color or if they can ‘two-tone match’ the ash blonde color that’s almost at the tip of my hair and my natural dark brown. Then I was shampoo-ed, trimmed and Wella color-foiled in less than 30 minutes. I was thinking this is so great! No noisy chit chats, product offers and loud pop music (they had soothing songs piped in).

After 30-45 minutes, they checked on my hair and had it washed, and then another brush up with color to get the two-toned effect. After another 15 minutes, I thought it was shampoo and blow-dry time but there was more! They used Macadamia oil based products to help rejuvenate my hair and the process was like a mini-spa treat!


And after blow-drying and curled tips (which I sincerely wish to learn how to do at home), time check on the process was a little over two hours! It felt like a salon & spa day cramped into 120 minutes which is an experience worth noting especially for people who seem to have no time for a salon trip, let alone a day at the spa.

I was about to step out when they handed me bonus ‘kikay’ treats: Asida Hair Care System, Schwarzkopf Color Freeze Thermo-protect cream and Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating products that has 100% sulfate-free vegan ingredients (All of these are available at any Jing Monis Salon branch).


Thank you Jing Monis and to the very professional staff members of Velvet by Jing Monis Salon!

*Velvet by Jing Monis Salon is located at Maxims Hotel, Resorts World



Conti’s: A bakeshop and restaurant beloved by Filipinos for almost two decades and counting

Conti’s | Facade | All rights reserved

Conti’s opened in 1997 and has grown into a bakeshop and restaurant that’s loved by Filipinos. They have changed the cakes and desserts market with the cult favorite Mango Bravo and now, changing the dining experience with their delicious ala carte menu fare, dining-at-home experience with pre-packaged food to-go and of course, delivery service.

A visit a few weeks ago has finally prompted me to write about Conti’s. That trip with family was in my opinion, the epitome of how we love Conti’s. Every food in this post was ordered in one afternoon after a long Chinese celebratory lunch.

Conti’s | Mango Bravo | All rights reserved

Mango Bravo – the classic favorite at Conti’s, its layers of crunchy wafers filled with chocolate mousse, cream and mango cubes. Though a bit daunting to slice (*tip: a long serrated knife will do the job well)the explosion of flavors is reward enough. You haven’t been to Conti’s if you haven’t tried this!

Conti’s | Mango Cheesecake | All rights reserved

Mango Cheesecake (P520) – Very light cheesecake on graham crust topped with ripe mangoes. Their version is my favorite in the metro! No overpowering mango taste, the cream is very light and the crust is just solid-right.

Conti’s | Buco Pandan Salad | All rights reserved

Buco Pandan Salad (P258) – Tender young coconut and ‘pandan’ gulaman cubes immersed in silky light cream. This popular Filipino dessert is served frozen and what I like about it is that the ingredient sizes are big and the cream has an ice cream-like texture. No wonder it has become a cult foodie favorite next to Mango Bravo.

Conti’s | Leche Flan | All rights reserved

Leche Flan (P185) – who doesn’t love leche flan? Their version has a solid base that’s creamy and generous syrup with just the right sweetness.

Conti’s | Moist Chocolate Cake | All rights reserved

Moist Chocolate Cake – These are layers of rich moist chocolate cakes with chocolate fudge icing that will truly get a stamp of approval from chocolate lovers. What I like about it is that it is not that overwhelmingly sweet. A piece would go well with coffee for a perk-upper.

Conti’s | Adobo Roll | All rights reserved

Adobo Roll (P30 each) – they gave us these delicious rolls as a complimentary snack (or probably to break the sugar rush haha!). For thirty pesos each, its a steal! Couple that with coffee and its a filling snack combo in lieu of sugary fare.

Conti’s | The aftermath | All rights reserved
Conti’s | Various cakes | All rights reserved

Try their Salted Caramel Cake (P785) (Vanilla sponge cake made with layers of salted caramel, crisps, and butterscotch brownies topped with ‘dulce’ custard and dusted with ground cookies) and Sansrival (P730) (Layers of chewy wafers filled with butter icing and cashew nuts) which are also good. Planning to visit soon and try out more of their fare.

They do deliver and delivery fees start at P80 and may change depending on the orders and/or proximity of the delivery destination from the store. Farther areas may entail satisfying a minimum food order amount and additional fees, while nearby destinations may mean waiving of fees (i.e. walking distance). It is best that, when ordering for delivery, guests call the store nearest to the delivery destination.

They do not customize cakes for events but can do complimentary cake inscriptions on selected cakes and guests can also request complimentary candle and dedication card upon purchase of the cake.

For more information visit their website: Contis.ph