Velvet by Jing Monis: Creates individual looks that personifies one’s lifestyle

Two weeks ago, finally squeezed the time for much-needed hair cut and treatment! Been putting it off since was also pondering on a shorter cut and which hair color to choose in prep for the holiday season. Plus, the whole process should fit in 1-2 hours only (which is quite a feat for some salons as experienced before due to staff chit chats, etc. – but that’s another story).


Went to Velvet by Jing Monis since next schedule was a food/restaurant review located about 10-15 minutes nearby.

After a warm welcome, I was assigned a stylist who promptly asked me what my idea was. Cut 3-4 inches, darker color or if they can ‘two-tone match’ the ash blonde color that’s almost at the tip of my hair and my natural dark brown. Then I was shampoo-ed, trimmed and Wella color-foiled in less than 30 minutes. I was thinking this is so great! No noisy chit chats, product offers and loud pop music (they had soothing songs piped in).

After 30-45 minutes, they checked on my hair and had it washed, and then another brush up with color to get the two-toned effect. After another 15 minutes, I thought it was shampoo and blow-dry time but there was more! They used Macadamia oil based products to help rejuvenate my hair and the process was like a mini-spa treat!


And after blow-drying and curled tips (which I sincerely wish to learn how to do at home),Β time check on the process was a little over two hours! It felt like a salon & spa day cramped into 120 minutes which is an experience worth noting especially for people who seem to have no time for a salon trip, let alone a day at the spa.

I was about to step out when they handed me bonus ‘kikay’ treats:Β Asida Hair Care System, Schwarzkopf Color Freeze Thermo-protect cream and Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating products that has 100% sulfate-free vegan ingredients (All of these are available at any Jing Monis Salon branch).


Thank you Jing Monis and to the very professional staff members of Velvet by Jing Monis Salon!

*Velvet by Jing Monis Salon is located at Maxims Hotel, Resorts World



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