Burrrap_Burrito Masarap: More than just burritos and definitely masarap!

Was supposed to visit the opening of Burrrap_Burrito Masarap at Love Craft Food Park during the latter’s slated opening but it being a December, schedule and traffic was really crazy! Anyways, visited a couple of weeks ago after errands with my cousin. We traversed E. Rodriguez looking for the food park (don’t just rely on the maps online) and almost missed the place (its the building beside the BLTB bus terminal). Here’s what we tried!

Burrrap_Burrito Masarap | Chicken Inasal Quesadilla | All rights reserved

Chicken Inasal Quesadilla – it might look like your regular quesadilla but this version first off, the tortilla is not burnt but warmed just right; second the ingredients do not overpower each other; and third, their sauces taste fresh and also flavorful. This one goes to my comfort food list, being its great for those lazy to cook days, rainy days, movie marathon days or simply I’m craving for Mexican food days!

Burrrap_Burrito Masarap | Echos Nachos | All rights reserved

Echos Nachos – straight up their version is one of my favorites (walang echos ‘yan!). For me what sets it apart is that their tortilla chips are very light and crunchy to the bite, its not yellow like most tortilla chips and some are curled in a way you can scoop the ingredients in for a full bite. Couple that with the generous medley of cheese, olives, tomatoes (sans onions, we opted it out) and ground beef …heaven! Oh, their serving is good for 3-4 persons also!

Burrrap_Burrito Masarap | Chocolate Churros | All rights reserved

Chocolate Churros – (this one was on the house, thanks so much!) The perfect ending to a Burrrap meal! Their churros are not oily, cooked just right and serving is good for two persons; their chocolate dip is not too sweet also.

So there you go, I highly recommend everyone to try out Burrrap_Burrito Masarap! And P.S. Paolo ‘Pochoy’ Ballesteros is a partner in this food establishment, so you might spot him there too!

Burrrap_Burrito Masarap is located at Lovecraft Food Park 430 E. Rodriguez, Sr., Q. C.

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