FDCP: To host Film Ambassadors Night, an evening of thanksgiving and appreciation


In honor and celebration of the strides and victories of Filipino films in the past year, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) will host the Film Ambassadors Night at the end of the month at the FDCP Cinematheque Manila Open Grounds, Kalaw, Manila.

Dubbed as an evening of thanksgiving and appreciation, the Film Ambassadors Night will recognize the award-winning filmmakers of 2016 who have continued the proud tradition of Philippine cinema and have brought not only prestige to the country but also raised the level of awareness to the craft and art of filmmaking.

Among the recipients of the FDCP Film Ambassador Award include Jun Robles Lana and Paolo Ballesteros for their work in Die Beautiful. Brillante Mendoza, Director of Ma Rosa, Philippines’ entry to the Oscar 2016, will be receiving the FDCP Artistic Excellence Award.

“Our filmmakers are Film Ambassadors duly representing our culture all over the power through the wondrous power of cinema. Each of their contribution only adds to the whole of an already great Filipino heritage that is constantly growing in scale and quality,” Liza Diño, Chair and CEO of FDCP said. Since her assumption to the position, Diño has pledged to champion for the continued growth of Philippine cinema and has introduced numerous flagship programs to support and empower film education, film appreciation, film criticism, and film literacy.

The Film Ambassadors Night was first launched in October 2016 and will be an annual event starting next year.

For more information, visit FDCP’s Facebook page or email xanrobles@fdcp.ph

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