Marites Allen: Chinese New Year 2017 Year of the Fire Rooster animal signs forecast and some lucky charms


Some lucky charms from FRIGGA CHARMED LIFE by the Philippines’ ‘Feng Shui Queen’, Ms. Marites Allen:

RHINO NECKLACE (white & silver) – for protection against robbery, accidents, enemies, office politics, business competitors and backstabbing; for strength and courage

ELEPHANT NECKLACE (white & gold) – for those who want to have a baby; for protection against robbery, accidents, enemies, office politics, business competitors and backstabbing

COIN NECKLACE WITH MYSTIC KNOT (gold) – gold coins for prosperity in business and career; mystic knot is a combination of 6 infinity symbols for wealth, protection and everlasting love

VICTORY BANNER EARRINGS (black & gold) – for success in dealings and business; to triumph over competitions, obstructions, obstacles and enemies

MYSTIC KNOT EARRINGS (white & gold) – for wealth and prosperity; a combination of 6 infinity symbols for wealth, protection and everlasting love

5 ELEMENT PAGODA NECKLACE (gold) – for protection from accidents and financial loss

WU LOU NECKLACE (red) – for enhancers for health and longevity; absorbs sickness energy

RED APPLE NECKLACE (red & silver) – protection for quarrels; for peace of mind, greater prosperity and harmony

PIYAO NECKLACE (violet) for health and longevity; to enhance fortune; to ward off evil spirits

I’m a Roman Catholic but also follow feng shui. I believe that life is comprised of 1/3 faith in God, 1/3 feng shui (time/date of birth) and 1/3 free will (hard work & courage). We have innate knowledge of good & evil so whatever instinctively brings us to what is good and harmonious, then that is the right path.


RAT – (1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008)
Good family relations and a lot of social interaction. Career might take some time to move forward but do not be lazy as this will affect your progress. Sleep well and be relaxed at all times. Attend happy celebrations such as birthdays and weddings. Continue reading “Marites Allen: Chinese New Year 2017 Year of the Fire Rooster animal signs forecast and some lucky charms”


Burrrap_Burrito Masarap: More than just burritos and definitely masarap!

Was supposed to visit the opening of Burrrap_Burrito Masarap at Love Craft Food Park during the latter’s slated opening but it being a December, schedule and traffic was really crazy! Anyways, visited a couple of weeks ago after errands with my cousin. We traversed E. Rodriguez looking for the food park (don’t just rely on the maps online) and almost missed the place (its the building beside the BLTB bus terminal). Here’s what we tried!

Burrrap_Burrito Masarap | Chicken Inasal Quesadilla | All rights reserved

Chicken Inasal Quesadilla – it might look like your regular quesadilla but this version first off, the tortilla is not burnt but warmed just right; second the ingredients do not overpower each other; and third, their sauces taste fresh and also flavorful. This one goes to my comfort food list, being its great for those lazy to cook days, rainy days, movie marathon days or simply I’m craving for Mexican food days!

Burrrap_Burrito Masarap | Echos Nachos | All rights reserved

Echos Nachos – straight up their version is one of my favorites (walang echos ‘yan!). For me what sets it apart is that their tortilla chips are very light and crunchy to the bite, its not yellow like most tortilla chips and some are curled in a way you can scoop the ingredients in for a full bite. Couple that with the generous medley of cheese, olives, tomatoes (sans onions, we opted it out) and ground beef …heaven! Oh, their serving is good for 3-4 persons also! Continue reading “Burrrap_Burrito Masarap: More than just burritos and definitely masarap!”


‘Sakaling Hindi Makarating’: Will Cielo find what she’s looking for? In cinemas nationwide on Feb. 1, 2017

‘Sakaling Hindi Makarating’ poster | All rights reserved

‘Sakaling Hindi Makarating’ – A series of mysterious hand-illustrated postcards take a young woman on a journey throughout the Philippines in search of its anonymous writer.

Starring: Alessandra De Rossi, Pepe Herrera, JC Santos, Teri Malvar, Jay Gonzaga, Lesley Lina, Elijah Canlas, and Hiraya Plata.

Direction & Screenplay: Ice Idanan
Written by: Ice Idanan and Petersen Vargas
Produced By: Melanie Entuna, Patrick Ostrea, Anina Rubio, Ice Idanan

CineFilipino Film Festival 2016 awards:
1st Runner up for Best Picture
Best Director – Ice Idanan
Best Cinematography – Ice Idanan
Best Actor – Pepe Herrera
Best Editing – Hannah Espia
Best Sound Design – Raffy Magsaysay
Best Musical Score – Mon Espia

Synopsis: Continue reading “‘Sakaling Hindi Makarating’: Will Cielo find what she’s looking for? In cinemas nationwide on Feb. 1, 2017”


Racks: Coming back to that hickory smoked flame-grilled, fall off the bone ribs goodness and more!

RACKS | Southern Favorites | All rights reserved

Bit of trivia before the food review: During the ’90s RACKS was the ‘it’ place to eat with family and friends. Their hickory smoked, flame-grilled, fall-off-the-bone ribs were an instant hit and lines during lunch and dinner were proof of its goodness. But in 2006, Wellington Soong (owner of Jaguar dealership in PH) sold it to Cavallino Inc. owned by the Prieto family (owners of Shakey’s and Dunkin’ Donuts in PH) and managed by Leopoldo ‘Chukri’ Prieto III. It has undergone a rebirth since but that uniquely flavored rib goodness remained and now, joined with a few delicious additions to the menu. Now on to the food!

We went to their Greenhills branch for late lunch to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. We haven’t gone to Racks for years and seeing some changes in the branches and menu, decided to give it a go.

RACKS | Hickory Smoked Ribs & Southern Fried Chicken | All rights reserved

Southern Favorites (P1,485/4pax) – I chose this because the classic ribs are there with the Southern Fried Chicken which foodies say are really good. It comes with a half rack of classic pork ribs, 4 pieces (half) of Southern fried chicken, a choice of two large side dishes and a pitcher of soda.

The Ribs were as good as before especially with a dab of their special sauce. Brought back memories of weekend eats. I’m so glad the Prietos ‘saved’ this food chain and kudos to maintaining its unique flavor and quality!

The Southern Fried Chicken is really good! Its not oily, its crunchy but not crumbly with excess batter. Then you get to that warm and well-seasoned soft fleshy meat on the inside. Its almost a sin if you eat it with the gravy/ketchup because – you really don’t need it. Oh, and eat with your hands! Its fried chicken!

RACKS | Southern Fried Chicken | All rights reserved

We had the Potato Salad and Coleslaw as side dishes but those were a bit of a let down. Continue reading “Racks: Coming back to that hickory smoked flame-grilled, fall off the bone ribs goodness and more!”


Luna J Filipino Gastropub: That home cooked Filipino food plus beer!

LUNA J FILIPINO GASTROPUB | Binagoongang Baboy | All rights reserved

Last month, amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, had the chance to finally try Luna J Filipino Gastropub – twice in one week. The first time was a weekday when my cousin and I squeezed in some salon time and grocery shopping that day and looked for a place for late lunch and the second time we had my sister along for our cousin’s advance birthday dindin. That said, let’s get to the food!

Luna J’s Binagoongang Baboy – Hailed by foodies as one of their best (next to Kare-Kareng Bagnet) has a perfect balance of the saltiness of the bagoong (shrimp paste) and the green chili. It is also not that oily which rendered the vegetables still full to the bite. It comes with steamed rice and a side of blanched carrot sticks, broccoli florets, string beans and corn kernels.

LUNA J FILIPINO GASTROPUB | Kare-Kareng Bagnet | All rights reserved

Luna J’s Kare-Kareng Bagnet – Most Filipino restaurants now have their version of this dish, but what I like with Luna J’s version is that the bagnet comes in crunchy bite size pieces, in a bed of blanched vegetables then covered with a blanket of kare-kare sauce just before they serve it. The difference is that you don’t have any difficulty cutting the meat, the vegetables aren’t soggy and the bagnet stays crunchy because its not drenched with sauce for a long period. The serving is good for 2 persons, which is best eaten with a side of steamed rice and of course, some bagoong.

LUNA J FILIPINO GASTROPUB | Tocilog | All rights reserved

Luna J’s Tocilog – If you want a hearty Filipino breakfast after a good run or out on a Sunday brunch after church then this is one dish I would recommend. You’ll get your protein and carbohydrates requirements in one delicious plate, or share it with a loved one while chilling. The tocino meat is tender and does not have that salitre (Prague powder 1 or potassium nitrate used as meat preservative) taste. It comes with a side of fried egg, itlog na maalat at kamatis (salted egg & tomato salsa), atchara (pickled green papaya) and garlic rice.

LUNA J FILIPINO GASTROPUB | Daing Na Bangus | All rights reserved

Luna J’s Daing na Bangus – Another Filipino breakfast favorite is daing na bangus (butterflied & deboned milkfish marinated overnight in vinegar, salt, crushed peppercorn and garlic) and if you want to satisfy your craving for that home cooked taste, then Luna J’s is the place to go. Crunchy meaty fish goodness that you may opt to dip in some vinegar with chili sauce or soy sauce with a squeeze of calamansi. Comes with a side of steamed rice and veggies.

LUNA J FILIPINO GASTROPUB | Sago at Gulaman| All rights reserved

Luna J’s Sago at Gulaman – One of the best versions that I have tasted! It comes in a tall glass filled with soft sago (pearls made from the inner part or pith of the palm tree), gulaman (dried seaweed made into jellies or flan) and arnibal (caramelized brown sugar syrup) with just the right amount of water and crushed ice then topped with  a drizzle of milk and some red gulaman. Its not that sweet and the flavor is not washed out by the water or ice when it melts. Its actually a snack in itself, a sure favorite thirst-quencher and a definite drink to have along if you want to try their Filipino snack delicacies like leche flan (caramel flan or pudding) , palitaw (chewy rice cake covered with sugar, grated coconut and toasted sesame seeds), ube (purple yam), etc. Continue reading “Luna J Filipino Gastropub: That home cooked Filipino food plus beer!”


Year of the Fire Rooster 2017: Feng shui Master Marites Allen horoscope forecast books, book signing and free consultation this January!


Everything and the most important things you need to know in the Year of the Fire Rooster Horoscope Forecasts by Ms. Marites Allen is now available at National Bookstore branches for only P399.


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FDCP January 03, 2017: Mediation between PAWS and Oro production and withdrawal of Oro’s FPJ Memorial Award


FDCP Chair Liza Dino-Seguerra posted this today:


Yesterday, the MMFF Executive Committee met with representatives from both the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and the production team of Oro.

MMFF execom acted as mediators for this inquiry. Let me enumerate the things that were established by the two parties:

1. PAWS has received numerous reports about the killing of a real dog during the filming of ORO.
2. They believe members of ORO production violated RA 8485- the Animal Welfare Act And should be held accountable if proven guilty
3. They are still gathering their own evidence and what they have right now are admission from some members of ORO production team (they can’t assure yet if those will testify against ORO)
4. PAWS said in the course of our dialogue that it did not have any affiant-witness to present (who has direct personal knowledge).
5. If proven to have committed a crime, they are requesting the MMFF executive committee to have the film pulled out and awards withdrawn.
6. PAWS brought a legal counsel to represent them.
7. Counsel for PAWS admits that he has not seen the film.

1. The representative of ORO who was present during the EXECOM screening of ORO admitted to lying to us and those present when she said they used a goat and prosthetics during the dog scene. They said it was out of panic. Continue reading “FDCP January 03, 2017: Mediation between PAWS and Oro production and withdrawal of Oro’s FPJ Memorial Award”