Fishermall Chinese Banchetto: The place for your street food cravings all week long and more in Quezon City

Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto | crispy crablets, calamares, crispy tawilis and fried shrimps | All rights reserved

There are times when you have a hankering for Pinoy street food but thing is, most foodie haunts and food parks are only open during Fridays to Sundays. Well, Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto (which started out as a Chinese New Year Banchetto, hence the name) is open daily from 4:00pm to 10:00pm. They have a wide array of Pinoy street food staples like kwek kwek, isaw (and other for grill/barbecue pork & chicken parts), chicharong bulaklak, calamares, crablets, lumpia, siomai even crispy shrimps and tawilis.

Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto | pizza & pasta galore | All rights reserved

There’s also a pizza & pasta stall wherein for just P100.oo you can avail of a piece of deep dish pizza, pasta and cold drink of your choice! Talk about budget carbo-loading ei!

Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto | crispy crablets, tempura, chicharong bulaklak, calamares and kwek kwek | All rights reserved

What I really like about the place is that the the tables and chairs are sturdy and not the usual plastic type which is woobly; its situated beside the mall which covers heat from the sun; they have live music after 6:00pm; the stall owners cook & deliver the food to your table; plus the cleanup is fast so there are no smelly and sticky tables.

Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto | isaw, addidas (chicken feet) and other pork & chicken parts for barbecue | All rights reserved

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Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto | steamed siomai | All rights reserved
Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto | crispy crablets, calamares, cheese lumpia, fried shrimps and chicharong bulaklak | All rights reserved

My cousin and I tried out a stall’s chicken skin/crispy shrimp combo, porkchop si-log, beef mami, a stall for their buko juice and another stall for their calamansi-mint juice. The food was really yummy, crunchy but not oily chicken skin & shrimps, the porckhop of the si-log is easy to the bite, the beef mami is flavorful, something I’ll crave for during cold weather. The calamansi-mint juice is new to me and its a good combo that’ll try at home. But the buko juice, I noticed they added sugar syrup so that’s a minus, I mean really why mess up with the real taste.

Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto | porkchop si-log, crispy chicken skin & shrimps, trumeric rice, beef mami, buko juice and calamansi-mint juice | All rights reserved

Will definitely go back and try out the pizza & pasta stall, the barbecue/isaw stall, shawarma stall, siomai/siopao stall and definitely the goto stall. So there you go, if you’re in Quezon City and need a quick fix with value for your money, drop by Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto.

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