Barkingham: Baby Reigne’s visit to a vet clinic, pet grooming salon, pet store, pet hotel and cafe in one!

As far as I can remember, we always have dogs around. The most we had when we had a big backyard then, was about 15 to 16 dogs each with its own quirky personality. Taking care of these ‘blessings’ is not an easy task and IMHO, tantamount to taking care of a child – its a commitment because they depend solely on you. That’s why before adopting, one should always keep in mind that they are living creatures, not toys or accessories for display. Our family also supports ‘Adopt Don’t Shop.’

As with all proud dog-parents, we go through lengths to give the best for our baby doggies. I am particular about vet clinics and grooming salons so read a lot of reviews and asked recommendations before trooping with the baby doggies. So here, I’m sharing baby Reigne’s happy experience at Barkingham,Β a vet clinic, pet grooming salon, pet store, pet hotel and cafe in one!

The Barkingham Pet Hotel is open!
Enjoy Daily Vet Care, 24/7 Caretaker, Playtime, Feeding, and Grooming during your pet’s stay. Please be mindful of the REQUIREMENTS below:

Call at 0939-933-0455 to inquire

The Barkingham Pet CafΓ© is now open too!
Fri to Sun: 9am to 7pm
Mon, Tues , Thur: 9am to 6pm


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