Beppo’s Barbershop: An Art Gallery and Barbershop rolled into one

My cousin Ate Fely told me about how it was crowded at nail salons a few months ago and tried this place instead. So giggling with excitement, went to my first barbershop experience at Beppo’s. No, as androgynously ‘weird’ as I am, didn’t have a haircut – just nail care. Found the experience so pleasing as the service was detailed (hot towels, warm blankets, soft pillows, etc.), assigned staff was not chatty (which means focused on service), and the seats are so comfy (now I know why people can’t resist to nap on them)!

A bit of background, Beppo’s Barbershop is one of the oldest barbershop in Makati (where the Makati Shangrila Hotel is now located) and was known as D’ Bankers Barbershop. Arcade Friseur owned it until it was acquired in 2008 by 26 Shenandoah Services, Inc. which used the trade name Beppo’s Barbershop.

Nevertheless, they remained as a traditional barbershop, using the heavy, electric Belmont-Takara hydraulic seats lined up against huge mirrors like it was in the 1950’s and offers the traditional grooming services of barbershops with added new products and modern equipment as well as adopted new methods to ensure its sanitation and cleanliness.

Their Fisher Mall branch is their biggest shop and an Art Gallery rolled into one. Art works of private collectors who have generously lent pieces of well-known artists as well as those exhibited by Art Circle Gallery hangs within its walls. This new concept of an Art Gallery/Barbershop, a the first in the country they believe, adds leisure to their guests and finds it not only as a place for grooming but also of culture.

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