Bes and the Beshies: Ai-Ai delas Alas is back to comedy in a women empowerment flick

The Comedy Queen Ai-Ai delas Als is back together with Zsa Zsa Padilla, Carmi Martin and Beauty Gonzales in “Bes and the Beshies,” another quality film from CINEKO Productions in cooperation with Regal Entertainment.

A one of a kind comedy film with two of the best and award-winning duo, screenwriter Ricky Lee and director Joel Lamangan. Though both are well-known for heavy dramas, they promise that this movie will deliver underlying messages of Filipino resiliency especially with family relations through comedic scenes.

Opens in cinemas nationwide on October 18, 2017.

About Ai-Ai delas Alas:

Ai-Ai’s three decades in showbiz started at the height of sing-along bars and comedy stand up in the country. She has rightfully earned titles such as: Comedy Concert Queen, Comedy Box Office Queen, Best Comedy Actress and quite recently, Best Actress and Global Achievement by a Filipino Artist.

The industry is abuzz with her wedding (her first church wedding and third marriage) in December 12, 2017 to 23-year old Gerald Sibayan. She said it will be a simple church wedding with 300 close family and friends. Speaking of family and friends, her bridal gown is a gift from Marian Rivera. It is a couture Frederick Peralta creation with its long trail and veil painted (still being painted as of this writing) by award-winning director and artist, Louie Lagdameo-Ignacio. Alden Richards will be one of Sibayan’s best man and Megastar Sharon Cuneta is her matron of honor.

More about the film:

The film is about the daily life and struggles of four friends:

Charla (Ai-Ai delas Alas) – a solo parent hoping to restore her relationship with her ideal husband to complete her family.

Mabel (Zsa Zsa Padilla) – the traditional martyr wife who will do anything and everything to maintain her family.

Tisay (Carmi Martin) – desperate to do anything and everything to have a family.

Sophie (Beauty Gonzales) – a young woman in tune with her aunts and will do anything to support them.


Puti The Truth Is Color Blind: Ian Veneracion’s most personal and challenging movie role

“Puti” debuted in 2013 at the First Cine Filipino Film Festival. It was well-received by the festival audience and had impressed many critics with its rich, visual storytelling. The film garnered 3 awards including Best Cinematography, Production and Sound Design. “Puti” was also awarded “Best Debut Film” by the Young Critics Circle. The following year, it was selected for competition at the 32nd Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film. Despite the critical success, it was not released theatrically but instead did the rounds of school and gallery screenings. Nearly 4 years later, it will finally be given a commercial run under Cine Lokal. Cine Lokal is a program initiated by the Film Developmental Council of the Philippines in partnership with SM Cinema to give select films a second chance at reaching a wider audience. Put will be screened nationwide in 8 SM Cinemas in Metro Manila including Cebu and Iloilo.

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I Found My Heart In Santa Fe: Roxanne Barcelo and Will Devaughn in the picturesque island of Santa Fe in Cebu

For the very first time, real-life couple Roxanne Barcelo and Will Devaughn join forces in terms of heart, talent and resources (as co-producers) to make what could be most interesting and heart-warming romantic-comedy of the year.

Titled “I Found My Heart in Santa Fe,” the movie was shot in location in the picturesque island of Santa Fe in Cebu, which is said to be the newest favorite tourist destination of people wanting to bask in the sun and enjoy the cool waters.

Roxanne and Will had been in a relationship for four years now but they have yet to work in a project.  But both have been dreaming of doing a movie together or an interesting TV project where they can show their chemistry as a love team, aside from their acting talent.

That’s why when this project was presented to both of them, Roxanne and Will grabbed the chance.  The indie film, directed by Bona Fajardo, marks the first time for them to collaborate on a film project.  And, it’s a love story, thus making Roxanne and Will all the more excited.


 “I Found My Heart in Santa Fe” is the first brand new film to be screened at Cine Lokal in select SM Cinemas beginning September 15.

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Megaworld Lifestyle Malls: Weekends are gonna get HOT as Eastwood City Holds 1st Chili Fest!

A red-hot food event is coming to Eastwood City this September as it celebrates its first ever Chili Fest. Running from September 8 – October 1, the month-long celebration of all things spice is about to heat up the rainy days as it showcases a wide variety of chili products and chili—infused delicacies, all proudly made in the Philippines.

Aimed at supporting local producers and boost support for small business owners of chili products, Eastwood City’s Chili Fest gathers more than 20 local chili farmers and merchants, offering an array of new flavors and recipes of chili goods all in one place.

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Cafe Inggo: Food for the senses and for the soul

After Sunday mass last August 13, Ate Fely (my cousin) and I chanced upon Cafe Inggo located within Sto. Domingo Church’s compound (right where a coffee shop used to be). It was a welcome sight since it was already past lunch time so we didn’t have to go far for sustenance.

The monochromatic color scheme and minimalist interiors plus classical music is very inviting (they had not installed the stained glass art of religious images on the fan windows yet on our first visit; this post is a combination of three visits). There are framed photos of the La Naval, old churches, and of St. Dominic or Sto. Domingo hence the cafe’s name ‘Inggo,’ on the walls. A bust relief of ‘Inggo’ also sits atop a wall seemingly watching over the place.

We sat on the corner where the image of The La Naval was placed. You can click on each photo below to see more of the interiors and decors to get a feel of the cafe’s ambiance. Here’s my Instagram link also which has a short video of the place: https://www.instagram.com/p/BYVCIwvnDpu/?taken-by=urmajestysire

Since we ate a very light breakfast to catch Sunday mass, we opted to have choices from their all-day breakfast favorites. I ordered the Pampanga Pork Tocino and Ate Fely ordered the Batac Longganisa. Each All-Day Breakfast Favorites meal is served with garlic rice, two eggs of choice, relish and coffee.

Cafe Inggo’s Pampanga Pork Tocino breakfast all day meal

Cafe Inggo’s Pampanga Pork Tocino (Php200.00) – their tocino is flavored just right, fork-tender and generous in serving. Paired with warm garlic rice, eggs and relish made of tomatoes & onions and its breakfast that I would like to have even for dinner!

Cafe Inggo’s Batac Longganisa breakfast all day meal

Cafe Inggo’s Batac Longganisa (Php200.00) – had a bite of their longganisa and its really delicious! Authentic Batac longganisa for breakfast or any time of the day right in the heart of Quezon City.

We met Chef Mabel Martinez who said they are still on their soft opening and due to launch formally on  Sept. 08 in time for Mama Mary’s birthday. She told us that their ingredients are freshly and locally sourced from different parts of the country. Different food items are also available for take out like guyabano juice concentrate, banana bread, cookies and other pastries which always sell out fast. They will eventually add more on the menu such as grilled food and drinks such as frappes added Chef Mabel. But what got us more excited is their year-round puto bumbong and bibingka also set to launch on Sept.08.

As I said, this post is a compilation of three visits so here’s the 2nd visit.

Two days later was the feast of The Assumption of Mama Mary so Ate Fely and I dropped by Sto. Domingo Church first and planned to go to Assumption Church in Malate. But after two to three attempts, we couldn’t get a Grab ride. We thought maybe it was already late afternoon and decided to cancel going to Malate. We initially wanted to hoard este, buy banana bread, cookies and crinkles again but decided to have early dinner at Cafe Inggo. We ordered their ‘Sinigang na Bagnet’ and Spaghetti Meatsauce pasta.

Cafe Inggo’s Sinigang na Bagnet

Cafe Inggo’s Sinigang na Bagnet (Php280.00; good for 2 pax) – their version consists of melt-in-your-mouth pork ‘bagnet’ or pork belly with fresh vegetables in a rich tamarind sauce. I highly recommend this dish and do take your time, savor it with a cup (or two) of steamed rice.

Cafe Inggo’s Spaghetti Meatsauce pasta

Spaghetti Meatsauce (Php150.00) – who doesn’t like pasta right? Their version has generous meat chunks, al dente pasta coated with balanced tomato sauce flavor served topped with parmesan cheese with toasted bread on the side. Its great as a snack and a surefire hit with kids too.

Now on the third trip, after Sunday mass last Sept. 03, we tried their Ilocos Bagnet and Chicken Galantina.

Cafe Inggo’s Ilocos Bagnet

Ilocos Bagnet – their version is crispy fried pork belly with a side of bagoong or shrimp paste with minced tomato and onion. Though fried, their bagnet is not oily and every bite is crispy-licious! Pairing it with shrimp paste is a good call because it enhances the flavor of the meat. Their shrimp paste is not salty, more like a combination of chunky tomato salsa and bagoong. Another dish I highly recommend to experience with a cup of steamed rice (or two).

Cafe Inggo’s Chicken Galantina

Chicken Galantina – their version is served as sliced stuffed chicken in a creamy white sauce. The chicken slices are fork tender and packed with ingredients. I like their sauce which is a flavorful combination of cream, butter and mushrooms. Also best with a cup of steamed rice (or two).

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