Red Hat Cacao PH: Intimate meet and greet with the lady behind the heart-crafted goodness

For months network creative co-workers and I have been enjoying the taste of an artisan chocolate by a sweet tooth that never imagined that she’ll venture into making chocolates.

It started when she had a heart-to-heart talk with her dad about their property in Quezon. For weeks she put off visiting the property but with constant prodding from friends, she finally gave in. Although the property has a long-time caretaker, she keenly observed and then decided to study more about cacao and its by-products. Long story short, aside from farming, she started experimenting with making the basic chocolate.

She decided on making ‘barks’ because the market is already saturated with ‘truffle’ chocolates. Barks with nuts, fruits and even ginger were among her first experiments which were met with good reactions.

But her dark chocolate with dried fruits and nuts garnered the most attention. So ever the most shy, she hesitantly sold whole barks and then bite-sized bark pieces to family and friends. A few months after, she bravely took orders online and now distributes to select cafes and restaurants. Red Hat Cacao’s first pubic introduction was at a mall chocolate festival which coincided with the intimate meet and greet with select blogger friends.

She has enrolled for further studies at a prestigious culinary school in New York along with a few slated chocolate tours for research.

I’ve seen her diligence and passion for developing Red Hat Cacao and so amazed at how it has grown…so proud of you Gladys Hernando!

I’m proud to say she’s been my friend since Mowelfund days, the reason why I’m not in a court of law/firm or interior design studio but in showbiz and don’t get me wrong, so grateful for it!

What follows next are clips and photos from the first ever meet and greet plus tips on how to enjoy Red Hat Cacao. Enjoy!

The snap of a perfectly tempered chocolate followed by the exquisite taste of handmade heart-crafted Filipino cacao bark chocolate of Red Hat Cacao PH.

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@redhatcacao_ph is great with brewed coffee! #redhatcacao

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