ToFarm: Launches 2018 Banaue International Music Composition Competition

Join Banaue International Music Composition Competition and get the chance to win the GRAND PRIZE of 12,000 US$ or be one of the two Consolation Prizes of 6,000 US$! For complete details, please visit http://www.banauemusic.org

TOFARM gives recognition to the country’s heroes, the farmers. They are awarded for their unwavering commitment to feed the nation and exemplary talent and skill in farming. TOFARM also bridges the gap between the farmer and the rest of the country with films and music that is inspired by the agriculture life in the Philippines.

The Banaue Rice Terraces in the highland province of Ifugao was declared a World Heritage Site in 1995 because of its unique agricultural engineering system.
More than five hundred years ago, the ingenious Ifugao, using primitive tools, carved a 10,300 square kilometer-long engineering and landscaping marvel, following the graceful contours and ridges of the mountains.

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This world-class tourist attraction It has since been a source of life and pride not only for Ifugao but for all Filipinos as well.
But behind the scenario of a glorious landscape lurks the specter of inescapable facts not seen in glossy tourist brochures or tantalizing travelogues.

Landslides, overpopulation, abandoned farmlands, and a dwindling source of manpower — because not too many are attracted to farming on the terraces these days– have become threats to the continued existence of the rice terraces.

It is not too late to help.
But the time to act is now.
Come join our farmers, together with hundreds of volunteers, in restoration efforts to save this endangered World Heritage Site.

Your participation can make the difference,
Save the Banaue Rice Terraces.
Save a cultural patrimony.
Save a national heritage.

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