RYAN’S KITCHEN: Authentic hickory smoked meats, nachos and more

RYAN’S KITCHEN offers smoked products (bacon, porkloin, hungarian sausage and chicken).

They developed a new line for smoked treats because they are believers of natural, healthy and delicious food and they go the extra mile to concoct and develop good products.

Among the very few in the Philippines who’s into authentic smoking, they use┬áhickory wood from America and only prime natural ingredients – no nitrites, sulfites, sodium erythorbate or other preservatives.

My Instagram post:’Nachos with cheese and chili-con carne dips from Ryans Kitchen Greenhills while doing drafts and watching a flick..yep, that’s my Saturday night for yah!’ All rights reserved http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com

They also have Nachos with their famous dips (salsa, cheese and chili con carne).


0999 998 4206

Greenhills Shoppesville Plus, San Juan