#UrMajestySiresAdventures: Christmas Decor Inspirations in August

September’s just around the corner so there’s roughly two months to plan and build or add to your theme (especially if you’re in the Philippines which celebrates Christmas from September to January). Remember, holiday decors are cheaper if you order/buy months ahead, if you buy by the dozen and if you buy raw (no paint, glitter, etc.).

Make it a point to visit bazaars, factory outlets, garage sales, etc. if you want unique pieces in your collection or simply put, if you want to achieve a ‘non-mall look.’ Or if you’re the crafty type, buy your materials and start off early.

Here are some of my ‘finds’  for the month of August broken down into categories from the Christmas 2016 trends.

Unique Christmas Tree Design: ‘Christmas Tree Dress’ – To be honest, this trend started 2015 but its still the rage with those who want to diverse from the traditional. It’s great for a girl’s room, for a fashion boutique display, for a walk-in closet, etc. Its a definite conversation piece if you place it in your foyer, garden or powder room too.

august_decors research 16

xmas tree dress_cto fashion seeker

Watch variations of this trend here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrT3IuTbX_0

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SARAP DIVA : Our (January) Christmas Party!


SARAP DIVA 2015 Christmas Party!
SARAP DIVA 2015 Christmas Party!

With all the hectic taping days, editing, shopping and other office and family party preparations, it became quite a ‘tradition’ for us to have the show’s Christmas party in January.

We almost did not have it again because it was a taping day. After taping, a simple ‘salo’salo’ over pasta and pizza (around 9PM) ensued.

And lo and behold, a surprise by Asia’s Songbird herself – a raffle draw!

I got a ‘sosyal’ coffee maker that is so rad because after brewing (as in ground beans straight to the attachment), I can take it anywhere straight from its brewer attachment! So apropos to my caffeine addiction!

We are so blessed, three years and counting with such a wonderful host, staff, production and TV network – a family indeed!

We have so much in store this year especially now that we have THE Louie Lagdameo-Ignacio as our Director. Innovative takes on presenting episodes, more budget-friendly and easy to make recipes from Cooking Diva Regine, longer singing parts from Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, fun & quirky games, etc. to make Saturday mornings a delight filled with good vibes!

Please watch SARAP DIVA Saturdays, 10:40AM only on GMA Network!


CHRISTMAS DECORS 2015: The annual hunt to find holiday decorations even if its just September

The Philippines has the longest Christmas celebration starting ‘BER’ (September-December) months to the 1st Sunday of January (‘Feast of the Three Kings). Weird to foreigners but once September comes, the Christmas songs blare at malls, bazaars and even supermarkets sell ham, queso de bola and even Christmas decors and gift packs too!

So my cousin and I recently went canvassing for decors at our favorite spots in the metro (read: suppliers of bazaars and export items) and here are some of our first week of September finds.

CHRISTMAS TREES | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved


First on our agenda is to canvass for a new Christmas Tree. Our tree is 6 years old, still okay but I wanted to get a new (and taller) one since last year. Last year we found a suitable one but figured it was too early to buy and returned after two weeks. We expected that prices will go up but darn, not an additional Php2k for a 7ft. tree! So my advise, if you found that ‘perfect’ tree, buy it! The price will go up, way higher plus it’ll lessen your chances of regret.

ARABESQUE & FOOD CHRISTMAS DECORS| http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved


Next up are tree decors of course! We add a few new ones to our mix to update instead of having it themed all the way. Last year we added ‘food’ decors (donuts, candies, etc.) which was the trend and as evidenced above, popsicles and lollipops are also in. The ‘arabesque’ theme is also still on trend as well as ‘Victorian’ in pastel colors.

RESIN & RECYCLED PAPER CHRISTMAS TREE DECORS| http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved


Decors made of resin are still on more than recycled paper decors probably because they last longer and are more durable. However, decors made of recycled paper are lighter. So its really up to you which to choose since both are made of natural or synthetic organic compounds. Continue reading “CHRISTMAS DECORS 2015: The annual hunt to find holiday decorations even if its just September”


All I want for Christmas is everything!

 The season for hot chocolate, mistletoe, twinkling lights, and catchy yuletide tunes is here again. As the festive air of Christmas settles, Philips offers a collection of exciting gift suggestions that can help you skip the stressful task of brainstorming for your holiday shopping list. Continue reading “All I want for Christmas is everything!”