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7-11’s brewed coffee aroma is imprinted in my mind to translate to ‘meeting’ or more specifically, ‘pre-production meeting.’

I prefer my usual coffee mix at home (and only in the mornings) but another cup is needed when ‘creative juices’ need to flow or just simply need a ‘perk me upper’ because of an ongoing discussion.

The Vanilla variant is much preferred but who am I to make a special order when there are more important things to note than a separate order of coffee?

Anyway, this brew keeps me up for an extra 3-4 hours (very effective) and gets me hyper in about 3-4 minutes after a couple of sips.

What am I going for in this post? I really just want to pay homage to this neighborhood mart coffee brew that has been doing its caffeine part in my life.


Eastwood Mall: Books & Brews this week for great coffee, great reads and fun activities

Enjoy Great Coffee, Great Reads and Fun Activities at Eastwood Mall’s Books & Brews

Books and coffee have long gone hand in hand and this September, Eastwood Mall is giving all coffee-lovers and book enthusiasts more reasons to love this perfect combo.

Running from September 4 to 12 at the Eastwood Mall Atrium, Eastwood Mall’s Books & Brews is a week-long fair that gathers the best coffee brewers in town together with various bookstores and organizations for the book-lovers in a quintessential bookstore café setting.

Great Reads + Great Coffee = Good Times

Books & Brews offers book lovers lots of ways to get a good read with a great cup of coffee, starting with fun book swaps. Guests can get new books for free by trading in their old books for a different one from the libraries of Filipino Reader Con, Books Please and Buy the Books. Continue reading “Eastwood Mall: Books & Brews this week for great coffee, great reads and fun activities”


KKK Coffee: Of ‘Labuyo’ coffee and Suman De Luxe

KKK Coffee has classic blends and innovative variants All rights reserved http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com
KKK COFFEE’s Labuyo coffee and Suman De Luxe All rights reserved http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com

‘Labuyo’ coffee and Suman de Luxe (two pieces of sticky rice ‘suman’ around a center of sweet dried mango strips on a moat of thick chocolate sauce.

Enjoying a cup with Koolaza’s Closet, Taste of Goodness with KKK’s Brian Tenorio All rights reserved http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com

THE BUNNY BAKER: A Cafe and Cake Studio

At THE BUNNY BAKER CAFE AND CAKE STUDIO: (Clockwise) Bunny Macarons, Speculoos Gelato, Cafe Latte, a wide array of gelato and Ate Fely enjoying the ambience.

Before the regular grocery shopping Ate Fely and I went to THE BUNNY BAKER CAFE AND CAKE STUDIO. Its fairly near us plus we also checked out the new nail spa and grocery store at the same building!

They have a wide array of ‘Gelato’; Oreos & Cream, Serenitea Okinawa, MILO, Reese’s, Irish Cream, Berrific and Nutella to name a few!

A closer look at the ‘Gelato’ counter
Of course they have cupcakes, and of special flavors even!

The Bunny Baker is also the cake studio which made the life-size Manny Pacquiao cake a few months ago.

Here are some of their cake studio’s designs


2469069 ext:251

Third Floor, Hemady Square, 1193 E. Rodriguez Avenue Corner Dona Hemady Street, New Manila, Quezon City