UrMajestySire’s Movie Reviews: Despicable Me 3 hit me straight in the heart

Despicable Me, who could resist Gru, his adorable kids and the wacky minions? The first two movies gave birth to another million-dollar franchise from toys, theme park rides, McDonald’s Happy meal collectibles, movie & cartoon spin-offs (Minions), etc.

This third installment focused more on Gru’s sort of normal life now with a wife and of course the adorable kids. He got fired and his retirement-from-evil has bored the heck out of the minions who rallied against him and left. What’s more, he discovered that he has a twin brother, one that’s his complete opposite from features, financial status, to mind-set. Now that’s a good setting for a sibling rivalry right?

Enter Balthazar Bratt who is a washed out 80’s villain child star. I must admit, everything about Bratt amused me. I guess its because of the nostalgia that surrounded his character from the music, fashion, expressions, etc.

Now going back to Gru and Dru, I wouldn’t have expected an animation movie to hit me hard that way. My sister passed almost a month ago and this duo reminded me of our relationship. Gru who’s always serious is like my sister and me, Dru the happy-go-lucky one. Not ashamed to admit, I shed tears more than once during the film. But they were good tears, a combination of a punch in the stomach to face reality and tears of acceptance – and I needed that.

The minions for me were not that wacky as before probably because there were only bits and pieces of them in the storyline. Or maybe because the focus was on the mutiny leader, Mel. Just the same, the minion bits were very entertaining.

For me, this is my favorite Despicable Me movie because it focused on family, not just by blood, but in whatever shape or form.