Megaworld Lifestyle Malls: Weekends are gonna get HOT as Eastwood City Holds 1st Chili Fest!

A red-hot food event is coming to Eastwood City this September as it celebrates its first ever Chili Fest. Running from September 8 – October 1, the month-long celebration of all things spice is about to heat up the rainy days as it showcases a wide variety of chili products and chili—infused delicacies, all proudly made in the Philippines.

Aimed at supporting local producers and boost support for small business owners of chili products, Eastwood City’s Chili Fest gathers more than 20 local chili farmers and merchants, offering an array of new flavors and recipes of chili goods all in one place.

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Megaworld Lifestyle Malls: Rainbow and Unicorns Fair at Eastwood City Mall

Eastwood City celebrates the unicorn craze with the country’s first ever Rainbows and Unicorns Fair with Rainbow and Unicorns Fair at Eastwood City Mall, every weekends of August!

Swipe right for more of what I experienced in photos!

Get your ultimate ‘kikay’ kicks with a wide variety of cute and useful rainbow and unicorns-themed items that are available during Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at Eastwood Mall.

There are also rainbows and unicorn-themed food for the foodies!

Check it out with the family and bring along the kids for a magical time at Eastwood City!


Megaworld Lifestyle Malls: Satisfy your Asian flavors craving at Rice Lane Asian Market

From rice, spice and everything nice! From one Asian cuisine to the next, like Thai, Vietnamese, Oriental and everything Filipino, satisfy your Asian flavors craving at Rice Lane!

blog_rice lane_Beef Rendang, Pad Thai, Sticky Rice Mango and Bibimbap_1
Rice Lane | All rights reserved

Beef Rendang, Pad Thai, Sticky Rice Mango and Bibimbap.

blog_rice lane_Vietnamese Springrolls, Tako, Fried Catfish Salad and Kalbi Jim_2
Rice Lane | All rights reserved

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#QC75: Quezon City’s 75th Anniversary Tour

Joined the #QC75 Blogventure in honor of Quezon City’s 75th Anniversary and had a blast! As a resident, I didn’t know that there are still places to see and familiar spots revisited now have a deeper meaning.

Here’s my QUEZON CITY experience which started at the city hall.

PRESIDENT MANUEL L. QUEZON, Q.C. HALL | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

A bit of Quezon City history: In 1938, President Manuel L. Quezon decided to replace Manila with Quezon City as the new capital. Quezon City was established on Oct. 12, 1939 thru Commonwealth Act 1502. It was declared as the republic’s capital on July 17, 1948 thru Republic Act. No. 333.

EASTWOOD CITY | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

Our first adventure was at EASTWOOD CITY where we were welcomed with good food and had a trip down memory lane with Philippine Cinema/Showbiz legends.

A bit of Eastwood City history: Eastwood City is a 17-hectare (42 acres) commercial and residential development launched in 1997, located in Bagumbayan, Quezon City.

CUPCAKE LAB EASTWOOD | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved | Clockwise: Churros with Tsokolate or Chocnut Dip, Bagnet and Chicken Burritos, Sisig Fries and Pandan Juice.

A short walk from where we alighted is CUPCAKE LAB where we had delicious food al fresco. (Photo above clockwise: Churros with Tsokolate or Chocnut Dip, Bagnet and Chicken Burritos, Sisig Fries and Pandan Juice.

A bit of Cupcake Lab history: Cupcake Lab started in 2011 as a ‘laboratory’ to make the best Red Velvet cupcakes. Now aside from premium desserts, they ventured into savory offerings like single serve rice meals, sandwiches & wraps, pasta, salads and my favorite churros with Tsokolate or Chocnut dip!

After that hearty food we then took a stroll along Eastwood City’s ‘WALK OF FAME’ or the Philippines’ version of ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ which is special to me because I consider its founders as my mentors when I worked at and attended workshops at Mowelfund, Inc. (Movie Workers Welfare, Inc.) which incidentally is also located in Quezon City, Cubao to be exact.

EASTWOOD WALK OF FAME MARKER | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved
EASTWOOD CITY’S WALK OF FAME | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

Eastwood’s ‘Walk of fame’ was established in December 1, 2005. The project almost did not materialize because of lack funds. Mowelfund Inc.’s Executive Director Ms. Boots Anson-King recommended the project to German ‘Kuya Germs’ Moreno who enjoined showbiz friends to support the cause. And worth noting also that Kuya Germs’ voluntarily used his personal fund to launch said project.

Did you know: Quezon City is dubbed as the ‘City of Stars’ because the top TV networks and radio stations are located here plus most actors live in this city.

CRAFT COFFEE REVOLUTION EASTWOOD | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

Next stop was at CRAFT COFFEE REVOLUTION where we had a taste of their Iced Mocha and Cappuccino.

A bit of Craft Coffee Revolution history: The Eastwood branch is the newest branch (Katipunan, Capitol Commons, Estancia, Greenhills, Podium and Broadway). They roast their beans but also outsource from around the globe.

CRAFT COFFEE REVOLUTION’S CAPPUCCINO | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved
CRAFT COFFEE REVOLUTION’S ICED MOCHA | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved
EASTWOOD CITY MARKER HONORING BPO EMPLOYEES | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

Did you know: EASTWOOD CITY CYBER PARK was an early leader in business process outsourcing in the Philippines; out of 37 call centers operating in the country in 2003, 10 were located there. Major tenants include Accenture, Dell, IBM Global Services, Citibank, Atos, WNS Global Services, hibu, eTelecare and MicroSourcing.

Eastwood City Cyberpark is a BPO-targeted office complex forming part of Eastwood City. Its buildings include the 20-story Global One Center and the 10-story 1880 Eastwood Avenue. The cyber park is listed as an approved IT Center by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority, making export-oriented companies located therein eligible for temporary tax holiday, permanent reduced rate of corporate income tax, and other incentives.

DANCING FOUNTAIN AT EASTWOOD CITY | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | all rights reserved

Did you know: Eastwood City has a ‘dancing fountain’ and at night in synchronicity, colorful lights bounces from the surrounding buildings for a spectacular show.

‘SILENT COMPANION’ | EASTWOOD CITY | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com

Did you know: Eastwood City as well as all Megaworld Lifestyle Malls are ‘pet-friendly’ and even has its own version of ‘Hachiko’ entitled ‘Silent Companion.’ They also have ‘annual pet blessings’ during the weekend following the feast day St. Francis.

Our last stop at Eastwood City was at GREEN PASTURES which is one of my family’s favorite ‘healthy’ restaurants.

A bit of Green Pastures history: Their slogan ‘Original, Local, Organic’ stands for original recipes, locally-sourced ingredients and authentic organic food.

GREEN PASTURES EASTWOOD | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved
KALE AND MUSHROOM RISOTTO | GREEN PASTURES | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

We were served one of their best-sellers ‘Kale and Mushroom Risotto’ which is so delicious! Green Pastures by Chef Roby Goco has proven that eating healthy and organic does not mean eating bland and boring food.

My family likes their Carbonara, Broccoli-Kale-Arugula Pasta, Sliders, Classic Cheeseburger, Roast Organic Chicken, Duck Shepherd’s Pie and Pan-Roasted Swordfish – link here: Green Pastures

That concludes our Eastwood City venture. We headed on to Ateneo University in Katipunan. Our first stop was at the ATENEO ART GALLERY.

ATENEO ART GALLERY | CARROZA (1958) Polymer on Wood (far right) | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

A bit of ATENEO ART GALLERY history:  It is the first of its kind in the Philippines. It serves as an art resource for the university community and the general public as well. In the 1960s, the Ateneo Art Gallery (AAG) under its first curator Emmanuel Torres, organized regular screenings of foreign art films. Widely recognized today as the first museum of Philippine modern art, The Ateneo Art Gallery was established in 1960 through Fernando Zóbel’s bequest to the Ateneo of his collection of works by key Filipino post war artists. Through the years other philanthropists and artists followed Zobel’s initiative, filling in the gaps so that the collection now surveys every Philippine art movement in the post war era: from neo-realism and abstract expressionism to today’s post-modern hybrid tendencies. Artists represented in the collection include Fernando Zóbel, Vicente Manansala, David Cortez Medalla, HR Ocampo, Galo Ocampo, Arturo Luz, Impy Pilapil and Jose Tence Ruiz.

ATENEO ART GALLERY | GRANADEAN ARABESQUE, JOSE JOYA (1931-1995) | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved
ATENEO ART GALLERY | SACRED GEOMETRY, DEREK TUMALA | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

Did you know: The Ateneo Art Gallery hosts innovative exhibitions and public programs highlighting works from its permanent collection as well as works from other collections for special thematic shows.

ATENEO ART GALLERY | UNTITLED [After Metamorphic Histories] III (2014) | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

Did you know: The Ateneo Art Gallery also spearheads an exciting overview of young Philippine contemporary art annually through the Ateneo Art Awards, now recognized as “the most prestigious prize for an emerging artist in the Philippines.

ATENEO CHURCH OF THE GESU FACADE| http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

A bit of ATENEO CHURCH OF GESU history: It was designed by Jose Pedro Recio and Carmelo Casas. The edifice’s massive triangular structure symbolizes the Holy Trinity, as well as the three-fold mission and vision of the school. Its shape and design are also meant to suggest the outstretched arms of the Sacred Heart, and the traditional Filipino bahay kubo (nipa hut).

ATENEO CHURCH OF THE GESU | Semicircle stained glass depiction of the Stations of the Cross with the holy water font | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved
ATENEO CHURCH OF THE GESU | The Church sanctuary and the crucifix with Jesus in an unusual posture | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved
ATENEO CHURCH OF THE GESU |Sacred Heart of Jesus statue in front of the church | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

The visit at Church of the Gesu was the last destination of our Ateneo trip and we trooped back to Quezon City Hall. Luckily, the floats for the ‘Light parade’ were about to leave when we got there. Here are some of the floats during the parade made from recycled materials from different Q.C. NGO’s.

QC 75 PARADE OF LIGHTS | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved
QC 75 PARADE OF LIGHTS | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

And that concludes my #QC75 Blogventure! I really had an educational, enjoyable and exciting time. The tour rekindled my interest in revisiting the city’s landmarks as well as piqued my interest to discover new places to experience. Happy 75th Anniversay my dear Quezon City!


MEGAWORLD LIFESTYLE MALLS: Eastwood City’s Weekend Bizarre Food Market

Eastwood City is encouraging everyone to take their palate on an adventure with unusual dishes at its Weekend Bizarre Food Market, happening on Sept. 18 – 20 and 25 – 27 at the second floor of Eastwood Mall.

Caffera 1

For beverages, Dielle’s Honey Wine provides a different take on a glass of vino with flavors like Duhat and Bignay on the table. Those who love photography and coffee will surely enjoy a cup of joe from Caffera, the country’s first photography themed café, who will also be setting up shop at the Bizarre Food fair.

For an unusual twist on desserts, shoppers can try ice cream with liquid nitrogen from Lava Ice Cream Café and enjoy luxurious flavors like Dark Chocolate, Tahitian Vanilla and Salted Caramel. Halo-halo fans can get an even more decadent experience with Patio Vera’s Fried Halo-Halo. Papa Diddi’s also has fresh takes on ice cream flavors like Tarragon, Mango Ginger and Forbidden Rice.


For a throwback treat, try a popsicle with yummy local flavors like Mais Con Hielo, Buko Bits and even Kape Barako at Ice Pops MNL. Or what about cake featuring popular local chocolates and candies? The Baker’s Table offers Butterball Caramel Cake, Haw Haw Cake, Orange Swits Cheesecake and Flat Tops Chocolate Cake, among others.


Kids will also love Pouf Cotton Candy, with their yummy cotton candy flavours that also comes in fun animal shapes like elephants and dinosaurs.

Love seafood? Try more exotic varieties like ginataang kuhol (rival snails in coconut cream) and kinunot na pagi (spicy stingray in coconut cream) from Aling Doris.

An iconic Filipino dish also gets a unique twist with Kitchen Queen’s Adobo in a Jar and spicy adobo mushrooms at Perfect Mushrooms (who, by the way, also offers other mushroom treats like mushroom chicharon and pickled oyster mushrooms).

Bacon fans can discover even more ways to enjoy this delish dish. The Beef Barn is offering Caimito Smoked Bacon. Bacon also gets better when paired with another universal favourite – chocolate! Ryan’s Kitchen is serving up bacon covered with dark chocolates and almond.

These are just a few of the unique food finds shoppers can try at Eastwood City’s Weekend Bizarre Food Market, which continues the series of fun food events in Eastwood City as part of its Food Artistry Campaign. Launched last July, the Food Artistry campaign hopes to encourage foodies and amateur chefs to create their own art on a plate.

To learn more about Eastwood’s Food Artistry Campaign and events, guests can visit http://www.megaworldlifestylemalls.com, follow Eastwood’s Facebook page at facebook.com/eastwoodcity or call the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls Concierge at 709-9888, 709-0888, 0917-8380111.


Eastwood Mall: Books & Brews this week for great coffee, great reads and fun activities

Enjoy Great Coffee, Great Reads and Fun Activities at Eastwood Mall’s Books & Brews

Books and coffee have long gone hand in hand and this September, Eastwood Mall is giving all coffee-lovers and book enthusiasts more reasons to love this perfect combo.

Running from September 4 to 12 at the Eastwood Mall Atrium, Eastwood Mall’s Books & Brews is a week-long fair that gathers the best coffee brewers in town together with various bookstores and organizations for the book-lovers in a quintessential bookstore café setting.

Great Reads + Great Coffee = Good Times

Books & Brews offers book lovers lots of ways to get a good read with a great cup of coffee, starting with fun book swaps. Guests can get new books for free by trading in their old books for a different one from the libraries of Filipino Reader Con, Books Please and Buy the Books. Continue reading “Eastwood Mall: Books & Brews this week for great coffee, great reads and fun activities”


Eastwood Mall: Laugh out loud with SPIT Manila

Get ready for a night of pure entertainment and laughter as Eastwood Mall brings Southeast Asia’s premier improvisational theater group SPIT Manila (Silly People Improv Theater) live this August!

Laugh your heart out as SPIT Manila fills Eastwood Mall Open Park with laughter and genuine delight as they bring their hilarious yet smart brand of comedy with a live performance on August 29, 7PM. Continue reading “Eastwood Mall: Laugh out loud with SPIT Manila”


Eastwood Richmonde Hotel: Hooked on their ‘Ensaymada’

Eastwood Richmonde Hotel’s ‘Ensaymada’ is:

Huge – It covers 3/4 of my face!

Soft but packed – Its fluffy but full every time you bite into it

(Super) Cheesy – Need I say more?

So affordable – The original variant is less than Php100 while the Ube variant is less than Php130


(02) 570 7777

17 Orchard Road, Eastwood City
Quezon City,

Megaworld Life Style Malls: Urban Agriculture Organic Market Opens at Eastwood Mall this August

blog_eastwood organic market_august 2015

Eastwood Mall is giving health-conscious shoppers another reason to continue eating and living healthy as it hosts Urban Agriculture: Organic Market this August.

Launched in cooperation with the Organic Certification Center of the Philippines, Negros Island Organic Certification Services and Agriculture Magazine, Urban Agriculture: Organic Market will be open to the public every Sunday, from 6AM to 12NN beginning August 16 at the Eastwood Mall Open Park.

Guests can explore a full line of line of farm-to-market foods that are fresh, organic and sustainable from over 30 local farmers and growers from all over the country in this unique event aimed at supporting local organic farmers and encouraging the general public to adopt a healthy way of living by patronizing organic products.

“This organic market underscores our commitment to supporting our local farmers an Organic CerOrganic Certifiation of the Philippines

Negros Islandd producers by giving them the venue to showcase and bring their products closer to more consumers. It is also through this effort that we hope to educate more people on the countless health benefits of eating organically grown and produced products,” said Megaworld First Vice President and Commercial Division Head Kevin L. Tan.

Awaiting organic food lovers at the Urban Agriculture: Organic Market is a wide variety of organic products, from locally-grown produce such as rice, vegetables, coffee and nuts to grass-fed and hormone free meats and dairy products. Also available are organic deli products, baked goods and pastries, and organically-brewed wines and beers.
Aside from organic food products, shoppers can also explore more organic products such as natural health aids, supplements, beauty care products and more.

For more information on Urban Agriculture: Organic Market at Eastwood Mall, please call the Concierge at 709-9888, 709-0888, 0917-8380111 or visit http://www.megaworldlifestylemalls.com.


Megaworld Life Style Malls: #LIFEHACKS for the Working Mom at Eastwood Mall this August

#LIFEHACKS for working moms at Eastwood City Mall
#LIFEHACKS for working moms at Eastwood City Mall

From juggling their careers to managing their home and kids, today’s moms have it tough!

The #Lifehacks Fair at Eastwood Mall is here to help you become the best mom that you can be.

From fun activities for your kids to innovative products, discover new ways to take care of your home, family and yourself.

Check out the 3rd Floor of Eastwood Mall on August 20 – 23.