Fishermall Chinese Banchetto: The place for your street food cravings all week long and more in Quezon City

Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto | crispy crablets, calamares, crispy tawilis and fried shrimps | All rights reserved

There are times when you have a hankering for Pinoy street food but thing is, most foodie haunts and food parks are only open during Fridays to Sundays. Well, Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto (which started out as a Chinese New Year Banchetto, hence the name) is open daily from 4:00pm to 10:00pm. They have a wide array of Pinoy street food staples like kwek kwek, isaw (and other for grill/barbecue pork & chicken parts), chicharong bulaklak, calamares, crablets, lumpia, siomai even crispy shrimps and tawilis.

Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto | pizza & pasta galore | All rights reserved

There’s also a pizza & pasta stall wherein for just P100.oo you can avail of a piece of deep dish pizza, pasta and cold drink of your choice! Talk about budget carbo-loading ei!

Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto | crispy crablets, tempura, chicharong bulaklak, calamares and kwek kwek | All rights reserved

What I really like about the place is that the the tables and chairs are sturdy and not the usual plastic type which is woobly; its situated beside the mall which covers heat from the sun; they have live music after 6:00pm; the stall owners cook & deliver the food to your table; plus the cleanup is fast so there are no smelly and sticky tables.

Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto | isaw, addidas (chicken feet) and other pork & chicken parts for barbecue | All rights reserved

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PEDRO ‘N COI: Pinoy Pop Chibog Grand Opening

With Pedo ‘n Coi’s Lld Lee and Shamcey Supsup-Lee
The couple reciting a prayer in unison at Pedro ‘n Coi’s grand opening
Cutting of the ribbon to signify Pedro ‘n Coi’s officially open!
A surprise birthday cake for Lloyd!
Venus Raj was also present as host during the grand opening
some ‘Sexbomb’ girls were also present!

Third Floor, Fisher Mall, Quezon Avenue, West Triangle, Quezon City
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Fishermall, Pacman

SUGAR RAYS SPORTS BAR: Sports, Burgers, Beer, Arcade Games and more!

Sugar Ray’s has this cozy nook if you prefer a bit of privacy.

Its one of those days wherein after a quick shower you don’t want to dress up because you know you’ll just be going to one quick appointment. This was one of those days when a loose shirt, comfy shorts and slippers is okay – its just a dermatologist appointment. Any activity other than that, should (also) be relaxing like a massage, comedy movie or good meal.

Anyway, finished early from a dermatologist checkup and treatment, Ate Fely and I decided to try out Sugar Ray’s at Fisher Mall.

They have an open mic night! Plus acoustic bands performing almost every night.

I think at daytime this sports bar is a good chill out place to grab a bite and watch a few telecast games or cable TV shows.

A part of Sugar Ray’s long bar.

Or you can grab a bottle of beer and wait out the traffic at their long bar while watching TV.

Ate Fely enjoying the ambience.

Weird to some but this place for me is a good ‘day spot’ to do some work online. I mean really, they should serve good coffee and some pastries also for the ‘day’ patrons.

‘Game of Thrones’ drinking game!

For ‘Game of Thrones’ fans, you can watch it at Sugar Ray’s and play a drinking game too! Its a trivia game plus you get to drink, fun isn’t it?!

We tried Sugar Ray’s Cheeseburgers with a side of french fries.

We tried their cheeseburgers with a side of french fries with soda since it was still the afternoon. But they also serve steaks and different types of local and imported beer.

Next door they have old-fashioned video games like PACMAN and SPACE INVADERS!Who remembers these games?! Truth be told, I do! And nothing beats the ‘feel’ of playing in an arcade than a tablet!

Who remembers these old-fashioned games?! Well I do! Nothing beats the ‘feels’ of playing in an arcade than on a tablet!

Also next door beside the gaming section is a tattoo parlor.

Fond of console games or you need to have a quick meeting and you don’t know where to leave your kids? Let your kids play here while you talk business and sip beer next door!

More old-fashioned video games like GALAGA and DONKEY KONG!

Galaga and Donkey Kong should be rebooted and downloadable on tablets, just saying!

Remember ZOLTAR from TOM HANKS’ movie ‘BIG’

Okay, ’90s kids probably don’t know the movie ‘Big’ starring Tom Hanks but Zoltar here is still a crowd favorite with his booming voice and fortune telling skills!

A replica of ZOLTAR just like the one in TOM HANKS’ movie ‘BIG’ receives tokens and in turn gives you a fortune reading!
Getting my fortune reading from ZOLTAR!

After watching a cable cooking show, a good burger meal and after getting my ‘fortune’ from Zoltar we happily went home!


Visit at Loyola: Lola Beda’s 28th Anniversary

At Loyola Memorial Park visiting Lola Beda.

Went to Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina with Tita Sally, Mama Lily and cousin Ate Jing. Its Lola Beda’s 28th death anniversary.

We offered flowers, lit candles and prayers. Tita Sally talked with the caretaker for awhile also.

After visiting Lola at Loyola, I suggested to have early lunch at Pedro n’ Coi.

It was just past 9:00AM and they wanted to have either a snack or early lunch so I suggested we try Pedro ‘n Coi.

Tita Sally and Mama Lily are basically Australians already so Pedro ‘n Coi’s Filipino cuisine was a welcome delight.

We enjoyed the good food, the Jeepney-themed booth and the service at Pedro ‘n Coi.