Trending Glitter Coffee: Gold and Diamond Cappuccino by Coffee By Di Bella!

Behold the Gold & Diamond Cappuccino by Coffee By Di Bella! I want to sip on this and #Sparkle all day!

Red Hat Cacao PH: Exquisitely homemade heart-crafted Philippine cacao chocolates

The cat este, the chocolate’s out of the bag! For months now a few friends/co-workers and I have been enjoying the exquisitely homemade heart-crafted Philippine cacao chocolates of Red Hat Cacao PH. But don’t just take my word for it..try it! For inquiries, please click on their official Facebook page.



Valentines Day 2017: Trending quirky food ideas for your Valentines day celebration

Valentines 2017 | Bacon Roses by Lazy Bastard | All rights reserved
Valentines 2017 | Bacon Roses by Lazy Bastard | All rights reserved

BACON ROSES by Lazy Bastard – that chicken nuggets bouquet that went viral has nothing on this! What better way to say that you care about someone than by sharing delicious bacon…bacon is life!
½ Dozen of Awesome Bacon Roses (P 1,500); 1 Dozen of Awesome Bacon Roses (P 2,200). Supplies are limited so pre-order now by sending a message on Facebook www.facebook.com/lazybastardph

Valentines 2017 | Cheese Scraping by Raclette MNL | All rights reserved

CHEESE SCRAPING by Raclette MNL – Have a date with Raclette Manila at 14 Four Cafe this Valentine’s! Send them a DM or check out 14 Four Cafe for more details. They also accepting bookings for private events Raclette Station for 60pax or 100pax together with Terry’s Selection’s full leg of Jamon.

To book: raclettemnl@gmail.com/ www.facebook.com/RacletteMNL

Valentines 2017 | Botanicakes by Doughmesticph | All rights reserved

DOUGHMESTIC PH – hand-crafted and homemade Botanicakes
To order: 0928-805-3188 / doughmesticph@gmail.com/ www.facebook.com/doughmesticph

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#PokemonGo Fever: Pokemon-inspired Burgers!

down n out_pokemon go burgers

No doubt about it, the Pokemon and Pokemon Go fever is sizzling! Now truth be told, I’m not an avid player (because I need to live in the real world and work hehe!) but if you combine this trend and food, now that’ll surely ‘catch’ my fancy!

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UrmajestySiresFoodExperiments: Of ‘Rainbow Bread’ and ‘Ice Cream Bread’ and the ‘Rainbow Bagel’ craze

blog_my rainbow loaf_inside
Rainbow Bread | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

The ‘rainbow look’ became a trend since late 2014 with the comeback of the ‘birthday cake’ flavor. Then in April this year, the ‘rainbow bagels’ have been all the rage, a staple in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by Scott Rossillo for over 20 years. In the Philippines, the 1st place to offer the rainbow bagel is Century Park Hotel Manila. So please do check it out. Coincidentally, that has reminded me to post this ‘experiment’ after 3 months hehe!

I have slightly experimented last May because my birthday was coming up. So here’s an ice cream bread recipe and my rainbow loaf recipe with a lazy err, quick technique. Enjoy!

blog_my rainbow loaf_done
Rainbow Bread | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

My ‘Shortcut’ Rainbow Bread Recipe
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UrMajestySiresFoodExperiments: Cooking the trend called ‘Garlic Butter Shrimps’ plus tips!

blog_garlic butter shrimps
GARLIC BUTTER SHRIMPS | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

My absolute favorite since I was a kid (and learned that I am not allergic to seafood), is shrimps! Sauteed, grilled, Sinigang, etc. super love it!

Well there’s been a proliferation of shrimp ‘bags’ or shrimp ‘bucket’ food establishments in Manila these days and after trying a few, IMHO, its still better if you cook it yourself. Its economical and fun to share with family and friends plus the bragging rights that you know how to cook the trend, right?

What’s the difference with this recipe or with the restaurant recipes you might ask. The recipe here is the basic procedure but the added herbs combo and techniques makes a big difference. Oh and what matters most, do not over cook the shrimps!

Garlic Butter Shrimps

olive oil
garlic, minced
salt & pepper
cayenne powder
paprika powder
spring onions, minced
juice of fresh lemon

– Clean the shrimps (keeping the head) by washing over running water; if you prefer, you may shell and de-vein the shrimps and/or remove the heads Continue reading “UrMajestySiresFoodExperiments: Cooking the trend called ‘Garlic Butter Shrimps’ plus tips!”


Food Trends: Raindrop Cake or Dew Cake recipe

blog_april_raindrop cake_dewdewph_1
Raindrop Cake | Raindrop Cake PH | All rights reserved

The latest food trend, for desserts that is, is the ‘Raindrop Cake’ also known as ‘Dew Cake.’

Its a take on the Japanese ‘Mizu Shingen Mochi’ and there’s no traditional cake ingredients in it, just mineral water and agar-agar (a gelling agent made from a mixture of several different carbohydrates extracted from seaweed).

The original flavor is served with sesame powder, ‘kinako’ (roasted soy bean flour) and ‘kuromitsu’ (Japanese sugar syrup, literally means ‘black honey’ that is similar to molasses)


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